For some people who enjoy running, whether just as a form of exercise, or to compete, joining a running club adds something to the whole experience. A place where you can connect with other runners, learn from people with experience, people to run with even. When people think of clubs like this they tend to think of ones they go to in person. But there are a number of good reasons to consider an online running club. If you have a mad working schedule you find it hard to fit things around, if you travel a lot, if you would rather run by yourself than with others, or just do not have time, if you are maintaining social distancing during a pandemic!

Improve your running

Trying to get better, improve technique, your gear, your time, your strength, on your own is harder. With a running club, you will have access to a variety of different types of people who have different levels of knowledge and experience. You can get access to different resources too so whatever you need, more running friends, better speed, more endurance, you can work on it and get there.

What can a virtual running club include?

  • Live training runs and classes to help with all kinds of things. A guided run live, to help with training, a Pilates class to increase core strength and so on. Those classes can get mixed up and the types included, and there are weekly events too. Listen to a coach guide you as you run.
  • Access to professional coaching tips and training plans that are designed just for you and your needs. Whether you are trying to get your first 1K done, are running marathons or just want to get better and more comfortable as you take a run a few times a week for exercise, these plans can really help. Tips might be in written form, in videos and on apps you can take advantage of.
  • Help on how runners can improve endurance as well as speed. Ideas for better conditioning and setting challenges for members to take part in that encourage improvement, are fun and help the community work together on common concerns.
  • An online community you can reach out to via several options, forums, social media platforms, and so on. People you can connect with, people who are at the same place you are, and people who are somewhere ahead who inspire you. Chat, swap stories, send supportive messages and more.


An online running club has everything you need and want. Improve your running skill, connect with people from all walks of life, at all skill and fitness levels. Have access to experts and options for training. Make use of a range of different types of resources. Talk at any time day or night. There is no being tied down to one location, no scrambling to fit it into an already busy life. Use it how you are able and how you want to.

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