Decorating the serving trays is important in any dinner or a grand occasion. Food, beverages, and other refreshments make up a large part of any function. When it is presented in the right way, it will attract more people and you will be surely appreciated for your efforts.

But, while decorating serving trays, you should keep in mind a few things. Lamps or candles should be avoided. You do not want these items to cause accidents that will ruin the occasion. You can instead use colorful balloons and frilled pieces of cloth to decorate the trays. The mood will surely be more festive with these additions. Compared to the other arrangements done during a function or event, the serving trays might seem innocuous or bland. However, given the right treatment and attention, it could work wonders to the whole place and the mood of the function.

Memory trays have proven to be versatile, being applicable in all events. When you are selecting the glasses, a picture frame type can be used. You may also opt for clear plastic instead of glasses. Colored placemats are often used by many people when decorating their memory trays. Then the bottles or glasses can be covered with photographs or postcards that are bursting with colors and images.

You can also choose to use natural items such as flowers, twigs, herbs and leaves as decorations for your serving trays. Washed ferns can also be highly decorative. Small berries that are in season can also prove to be ornamental. Your serving tray would also look more attractive if you add small branches that have been trimmed accordingly. Put a lot of thought in choosing the plants that you will use. Make sure that the plants you've chosen are not poisonous. These plants might bring some toxic substances or poison to the food that you will be serving and your guests might have allergic reactions or, worse, be in danger. Beautiful flowers can be selected and small bouquets can be created. You can use the napkins to wrap the flowers with. The four corners of the serving tray will then be adorned with these bouquets.

Similarly, candy sticks or sugar sticks can also be wrapped using colorful napkins. Have you ever given a thought to turning the serving trays into reading materials? The corners of the tray could be placed with a couple of books or magazines. Then a reading light can also be placed at the right location. Afterwards, you can add snacks or other beverages on the serving tray. Book reviews can also be added to take the place of placemats.

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you will chance upon a brilliant idea or two. For instance, you can create a beautiful picture like a face on the serving tray. The eggs can be used as eyes. For hair, you can make use of parsley, and some radish for whiskers. Cookie trays can be decorated in checkerboard patterns. The beverage tray can be decorated using frilled or fancy straws and sticks. You can also buy those ice buckets that are shaped like penguins or birds. Make use of your old and antique glasses, bowls, and bottles to hold sugar and cream. For glass toppers, nothing beats the good old lemon slices.

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