Neck pain is common but can make it difficult to do even simple activities such as turning your head or body or sleeping. But Ron Ben-Meir, DO, FAAPMR is dedicated to offering effective treatments for neck pain in Red Bank so you can be sure to get back to your daily activities soon enough. However, note that there is more you can do to improve your condition or improve the treatment options effectiveness. Try the following simple remedies, and your painful condition will be improved.

Stretch Out

One of the main reasons why you experience neck pain is looking down at your computer monitor all day, stressing your neck muscles and overstretching them. That is why stretching can keep the pain at bay. You can stretch your neck muscles simply by pausing from using your computer monitor or phone and look around gently. You can also avoid putting too much pressure on your neck by putting the monitor at your eye level, avoid tilting your head down, and sitting up straight.

Sleep Carefully

Some cases of neck pain are reported to be caused by poor sleeping habits. It is, therefore, critical to be careful while you sleep to improve your condition. Pay attention to your sleeping positions and try to sleep on your side or back, but never on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach will demand a twist of your head to one side for several hours, which will cause a strain on your neck.

Use Ice and Heat

Some acute cases of neck pain can be effectively managed through icing and heating. The ice should be applied first on the painful area for the initial 48 hours in 20 minute increments, then heat can be applied afterwards. You can apply heat by taking a hot shower or using a heating pad or hot compresses. However, be keen not to fall asleep with the ice bag or heating pad on you as it can cause skin injuries.

Keep Moving

As mentioned earlier, you might be experiencing pain due to strenuous activity or long hours on your phone or computer. All you may need is to gently move your neck around while avoiding the jerking and painful activities to improve your condition. This will calm your symptoms and minimize the inflammation on your neck. You can also do some slow range-of-motion exercises such as moving your neck up-down or side-side or from ear to ear.

Some Massage will Help

If you can locate your pain source in your neck, massage can help improve the symptoms. If you can not do it on your own, you can ask your partner for a hand. Let them gently massage the neck area with pain or soreness, and you will feel some improvements. You can also reach out to your doctor for guidance on this one.

Keep Your Provider Close

Although you can do much on your own, it is critical to ensure that you do the right thing the right way. The only way to ensure that is to have an expert take you through any remedy you might want to try independently. Therefore, it is critical to contact your doctor for advice and guidance. Some practices can make your condition worse if done incorrectly.

If neck pain is getting in your way of accomplishing your daily activities, the above tips can improve the symptoms. But, remember to contact your provider at Downtown Pain Management for guidance and advice.

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