Emotional stress is a common feeling of lovers who are far away from one another. If you want to relieve yourself from this state and know how to make long distance relationship work, read the six proven tips.

Many couples find themselves in a long distance love affair. Some find themselves in this situation because their partner must go somewhere far to work or study. For whatever reasons, individuals who are in this kind of relationship always find themselves in an anxious state. They keep on wondering if it's going to last or not. If you belong to this group, here are a number of ways to make long distance relationship work.

Be independent.

Now that your partner is miles away from you, stop worrying and start living. Just consider this as an opportunity to get closer with each other by making the most of where you live. Appreciate your place, hang out with your neighbors and share to him/her your valuable experience. Your independence doesn't mean you can live without each other. It's just one way of making yourself and your relationship stronger.

Squirt some creative juices.

Your distance gives you a chance to think about your partner as a person ? what he likes, what he needs and what he wishes. If he/she is the romantic type, why don't you make personalized cards or poems? If he/she is a sucker for paintings, visit a museum and tell him/her your favorite work of art. If he/she collects postcards from different places, send one every week.

Be faithful.

To make long distance relationship work, you must live the value of loyalty. It's easy to be tempted to stray away and grab the bait of other women. Don't let this ruin your relationship and ruin yourself. If you entertain them, the feeling of guilt will never leave you for the rest of your life.

The Internet if your best friend.

This will make things easier for you. Ease your nostalgia by buying a camera and a headset so you can talk like you're beside each other. Share with him/her your photos by uploading them on an online album. Tell your partner how much you wanted to share that moment with him/her.

Let music intrude.

Music was invented to help a person express what he/she feels. So send your partner an MP3 file of the song you're currently listening to let him/her grasp how you're feeling that day. If you don't have that file, a music video link can be an option. If don't have access to the Internet, send him a CD of the songs you often listen to.

Schedule your next meeting.

Not seeing your partner for some time makes you look forward to the next date, hug and kiss. If you can find a way to meet regularly, then do it by all means. Taking turns in traveling is also a perfect idea. In some cases, it will take months or years to wait. If you're in the brink of giving up, just remember that not everything stays the same; your agony shall pass too.

To answer the question, "How do you make long distance relationship work," just bear in mind that we are all under the same sky. Cheesy as it may sound, that line will make you realize it's not proximity that matters. What's more important is how you love and how you make your partner feel loved.

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