Loss of bladder control can lead to urinary incontinence or leaking of urine involuntarily. People who experience loss of bladder control may regularly have difficulties trying to sleep because frequent urination keeps them awake. This may frequently impinge on their social activities because these people are apt to grow to be less comfortable in social situations and would often remove themselves from society because of they feel shameful of their condition.

If you find yourself one of those individuals who are dealing with loss of bladder control luckily there are ways to treat the problem. Frequently, loss of bladder control is time and again triggered by a few things that may be eliminated in your way of life. The remedy for loss of loss of bladder control often necessitates lifestyle modifications. Here are a few easy tips to help eliminate bladder spasms.

Avoid drinking coffee, drinks that are carbonated, and drinks that contain alcohol. Coffee lovers who encounter urinary incontinence ought to discontinue drinking coffee since it will increase the occurrence of the condition. If at all possible, pass up drinking coffee because it has a diuretic effect which will just cause you to urinate more often. It can also cause contraction of bladder muscles, which can also increase urination frequency. On the other hand, carbonated beverages and drinks that contain alcohol can also worsen the condition.

If the loss of bladder control occurs in the evening, you should void before going to sleep. By doing this, you can evade the urge of urination while you are in bed. Therefore, you will be able to sleep much better and you will avoid incontinence.

Your water intake should never be decreased. Some believe that decreasing water intake will prevent loss of bladder control. Although, this is not true because the consumption of water is important to maintain a healthy body. Do not decrease your water intake if you want to avoid getting other serious conditions. It is recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water per day.

Kegel exercises can also help treat loss of bladder control. By doing this, your pelvic floor muscles will strengthen. These muscles are responsible for controlling urine flow. Obesity and childbirth can cause weak pelvic floor muscles. Hence, it is imperative to tone these muscles so it is possible to prevent urine leakage.

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