Can you get pregnant after getting your tubes tied? A question that many women ask who for some reason decided to undergo ligation, but later on regret their decision. The advent of the tubal reversal surgery has certainly made pregnancy a possibility at present. Facts suggest many experienced surgeons are reversing the tubal ligation with elan. There is, however, one more question which is bound to appear, the cost of the tubal reversal process. We hope, this article will help satisfy your quest and also familiarize you with the other aspects related to this surgery.

The average cost of Tubal reversal surgery in the US

At the present day, the average price of tubal reversal surgery is about $7,500. The amount may vary depending on several factors. You must have learned already, tubal reversal procedure is expensive, and the insurance companies generally do not cover it. Some clinics do offer this procedure at cheaper rates. But, you should also take into account the additional expenses like a consultation with the doctor, and pre and post-operative care. Let us take a detailed look.

The cost factors of tubal reversal

Primarily, you need to research a lot while trying to figure out the approximate tubal reversal cost of this procedure. You can accordingly prepare your budget. The factors determining the budget of the surgery will largely depend on how the surgeon plans to go about the task.

You should know, due to extensive scarring from the tubal ligation the tubal reversal procedure can get complicated. In such cases, you should be prepared to pay more, as it takes a lot of time to operate and repair the scar tissue.

The tubal reversal surgeon can recommend several tests before the actual surgery. All these tests can add up to the total cost of the tubal reversal expenses. Some clinics do not include these charges in the base fee, so as already mentioned, you should research properly and get these details at your fingertips.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies will rarely cover the expenses arising from the tubal reversal surgery. However, if possible, you can express a medical emergency and expect to fulfill the claim for this surgery. Some of the conditions you can show include Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome, Lab work for blood examinations, post-surgical issues, and eliminating uterine fibroids and polyps.


Financing is the next feasible option. Even though you realize the interest levied on the amount and any other associated fee will increase the costs, this suits many people. You can expect to pay at least 5% organization fee on the financed amount and an interest rate varying from 5% to 35%.

Finding cheaper options

You are welcome to try, but chances of finding cheap tubal reversal surgery will be rare. In case, you do come across a clinic offering the services at low cost; you must inquire whether they include all the necessary requirements. Some clinics tend to have hidden fees, which can cause problems later.

Limiting the costs of tubal reversal

You can also control the costs to some extents. For example, if you need to travel a long distance for undergoing this surgery, the cost of travel gets included. You can prefer a clinic near your place to cut back on the travel expenses.

Moreover, you can consult with the surgeon and get quotes from various clinics. With the right approach, you can check the cost of the tubal reversal surgery to a significant extent.

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