After school the place where we repeat our studies is tuition.

In the present era, we see the growing dependency of students on tuitions and the private tutors due to the need of doing even better in academics by learning in comfort. The growth in private education of both primary and secondary students across the country is well documented due to this.

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Dictionary meaning of tutor is a private teacher, typically one who teaches a single pupil or a very small group providing help to students in certain subject areas or skills.

A tutor spends a few hours on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Where the school teacher provides the basic idea of a topic to the student, a tutor tries to make the student master in those topics and transfers his/her expertise on the subject or skill to the student in the time provided to him.

Private tutors can examine their students more effectively than a school teacher as private tutors are allowed to concentrate on a single student or a small batch, not the huge group of students as in classroom giving him better access. Classroom teaching is restricted inside the four walls whereas tutoring can take place in different settings, a formal tutoring center or the home of the tutor/learner.
This is the difference of tutoring from formal teaching methods that it involves a different type of settings as well as the flexibility in duration, pace of teaching, evaluation and tutor-tutee rapport.

Nowadays we see a new mode of tuition, i.e., through YouTube or some other mobile application.

Tutors who are also Youtubers upload their lectures on the YouTube and demand a subscription to their YouTube channels for further parts of the lecture. This is gaining a hell lot of popularity as the students can see the lectures whenever and wherever they are. Even the tough courses of IIT-JEE are given online.

But this mode of teaching, however, cannot take the place of private tuitions that the students have in person with their tutor because a student can clarify his/her doubt with the tutor then and there giving himself/herself clarity on the subject.

History of tutoring began as an informal method of educational guidance, originated in ancient Greece. Back then tutors operated on an ad-hoc or impromptu basis in varied settings, but the motive of tutoring remains same till now, i.e., to pass on the knowledge to the learner.

Thus with respect to the location of tutoring, the size of tutor-learner pairings/groups and the method of tutoring provided it is divided into different types which includes
1. Academic coaching
2. Home-based tutoring
3. Online tutoring
4. Peer tutoring

Tutoring is the best solution if the student has missed the content in the school due to personal issues like health problems or catching up in a new school or any other emergencies.

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