When exercise and diets fail to reduce an expanding waistline, tummy tuck surgery, medically known as abdominoplasty, is a perfect solution. In this plastic surgery procedure, excess abdominal fat and skin is removed from the abdominal region and the muscles tightened. The result is a firm, sleek looking abdomen. This surgery offers:

  • Improved abdominal contour
  • Smoother abdominal skin
  • Reduced stretch marks and loose skin
  • A more shapely figure
  • Improved self confidence

Different Procedures to Streamline the Abdomen

Abdominal fat can be removed through different types of procedures such as standard abdominoplasty and high lateral tension abdominoplasty.

  • Standard: This basic tummy tuck surgery is ideal when there is excess skin and fat above and below the umbilicus. Incisions are placed around the umbilicus and lower abdominal area.
  • High lateral tension: This procedure can achieve maximum abdominal tightening. Besides vertical tightening, it involves horizontal tightening or “fine tailoring” for a reduced waist line.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is necessary to achieve optimal results. A qualified and experienced plastic surgeon can help you choose the right method, depending on your physical condition and expectations.

Things to Know

Going in for abdominoplasty is a major decision. Here are some points that to guide you:

  • The surgery is right for you if you have excess abdominal skin and fat, are healthy and in the average weight range.
  • Complications are rare, but consulting an experienced plastic surgeon will reduce your risks.
  • Tummy tuck surgery takes up to 2 to 5 hours, depending on the quantity of fat or skin removed.
  • A skilled and knowledgeable plastic surgeon would assess your health condition, abdominal fat deposits and skin tone before discussing the surgery procedures. Make sure that you share your health concerns and expectations with your surgeon for best results. Inform your physician know about any medications you take.
  • Discomfort during recovery time can be reduced by taking the medication prescribed by your surgeon. Following the surgeon’s instructions will help in smooth recovery.
  • If you smoke, your surgeon may advice you to stop for a few days before and after surgery.
  • The size and number of scars that appear after surgery depends on how much skin was removed and how many incisions were made.

Performed by the right plastic surgeon, abdominoplasty is a safe and effective procedure to remove excess tummy fat and achieve a firm and attractive waistline.

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