As the holiday time of the year is hanging around a few more corners and we prepare to celebrate with family and friends, what to wear to special events and celebrations that you feel confident and sexy in is sure to cross your intelligent, savvy mind at one point or another. No need to worry or even allow yourself to fret about fitting into your fantastic outfit.

Women in general tend to carry their weight around their middles; not only does this hamper your health it also leads to a tight fitting waist band and an uncomfortable feeling when dressing in items that involve zippers, clasps and buttons. There are many tactics that you can employ to enhance the deflation of your tummy and most of them pertain to eating and drinking certain foods. Why not take a look at the strategies that bring you closer to a level tummy and present themselves with a positive flare for a flatter mid-section.

~Drink chilly water. Not only does it fill you up, but your body has to work a little harder to warm itself up and therefore burns more calories.

~Do not drink carbonated beverages. Carbonation does nothing for you except potentially set you up for wasted calories and make your tummy feel like a puffer fish.

~Eat mini-meals throughout your day and avoid overkill in the food department, not to mention frequent feedings help your blood sugar stay level and you avoid unnecessary cravings.

~When choosing foods to consume be sure to reach for many of nature’s finest – including vegetables, fruits, low-fat meat and dairy coupled with whole grain options which aid in your ability to feel great and reduce any unnecessary bloating.

~Leave the salt on the table; salt promotes water retention which turns into feelings of inflation and leaves you feeling somewhat like a party balloon.

~Standing up straight and sitting up tall are wonderful habits to cultivate to create a stronger, flatter middle region.

~The addition of cardiovascular activity is a fantastic addition to any slimmer, smoother middle.

So the next time you are ready to roll why not work up a sweat as you whittle your middle, stay away from fizzy drinks and place yourself in a position where you feel like a million dollars as you dress for any occasion that comes your way.

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