The question of improved fuel economy has become the topic of hot discussion in current scenario due to regular hike in the fuel prices across the world. The problem with most of motorists is that instead of following the holistic approach of getting the car inspected and tuned by an experienced technician, they are following the existing myths that are claimed to offer an improvement in the fuel economy. This sometimes results in the emergence of additional problems in form of damage to mechanism of their car.

The most common myth that has caught every car owner in its web is that driving the vehicle at fast speed delivers improved fuel efficiency, this, in real is not true. On the contrary driving vehicle at high speed adversely impacts not only its engine but also to the other components installed in the different segments of the vehicle. Instead of this, today with changes in methods of car manufacturing the practice of tuning or remapping the engine control unit has emerged as the best possible solution to witness an improvement in the fuel economy of any vehicle, whether it is empowered with gasoline or diesel engine.

The process of remapping involves finding the maps installed in the engine control unit of the car placed at the on-board diagnostic port (OBD) port. The engine control unit (ECU) has the computer program installed in that for controlling the functioning of the engine and other components like air intake system, ignition system, exhaust system etc. The performance of all these components are controlled through engine control unit with the help of sensors.

This performance is mainly determined by the original car manufacturer according to the standard driving conditions allowed in different regions of the world. This, performance is generally not the actual performance of the vehicle, but restricted performance, and there is still improved performance hidden in engine. During the remapping of the engine control, the existing maps are traced out the technician, these maps are altered depending upon the existing condition of the engine. Doing this, helps in bringing out the remaining performance of the vehicle in form of improved power generation efficiency and fuel economy.

It would be interested to know that the process of engine control remapping is reliable and cost effective methods of improving the performance of any vehicle facing the problem of low fuel efficiency. The process of although, complex and critical, therefore it should be conducted by an experienced technician who has vast knowledge of using the computer and the appropriate software required for remapping the ECU.

Here, one more thing which needs to be highlighted importantly is that along with ECU remapping there are some more mechanical updates that are helpful in getting the improved fuel efficiency with simple modifications. In-fact it would not be wrong to say that to enjoy the best result of the ECU remapping modifying few parts will help in improving the fuel efficiency strictly according to your expectation.

These modifications including upgrading the air intake system. Generally due to regular wear and tear process the dust particulars block the wholes of air intake system, due to which they are not able to inhale the air properly, due to which they are not able to forward the substantial air to the engine, which equally impacts the performance of the engine and also the fuel efficiency. Installing the new air intake result in inhaling the fresh air and its transmission to the engine, thus benefitting the car owner in two ways by improving fuel efficiency and also the working of the engine.

One more important modification which enhance the results derived by engine control unit remapping is upgrading either the whole exhaust system or its mufflers, depending upon the existing condition of the exhaust system. Replacing the existing exhaust system with aftermarket system results in exhale of harmful gases emerging as the combustion of fuel and oxygen inside the engine, more quickly, thus improving the life span of the engine and fuel efficiency to certain extent.

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Thus, in short it can be said that if you also believe in the prevailing myths of improving the fuel efficiency and driving vehicle according to them, then it would be better to think beyond that and seek the advice an expert and go for little modifications.