The cars developed by German luxurious car maker BMW are recognized for their powerful performance and therefore do not require any introduction to introduce themselves among the motorist. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the diesel cars manufactured by such renowned car manufacturers played an incredible role in breaking the myth about the poor performance delivered by the cars empowered with the diesel engine. Therefore, if you own any of the BMW cars, then there is no need of revealing the facts associated with the performance of the car manufactured by the manufacturer.

But, you will agree that as every machinery witnesses decline in its performance due to regular wear and tear, similarly the machinery installed under the bonnet of your car also starts delivering poor performance as it gets older. This, in fact, is the natural process which nobody can control, despite not leaving any stone unturned when it comes towards the maintenance of his car. Interestingly the cars manufactured by the BMW are not an exception to this global rule and as the time passes there is a decline in the performance of these cars, even if they are empowered with powerful engines.

So, now the question arises that is there any way to get rid of this problem, which could help in enhancing the performance of your old BMW car, or you should sell out your existing car and purchase its new powerful version. Interestingly, the first option undoubtedly seems to be a panacea for the BMW owners, because being the owner of this branded car they must be aware of the non-feasibility of the latter option.

Interestingly, the best option to this problem is re-mapping the engine control unit of the car that controls the whole functionality of all components installed in the car. The worth mentioning the feature of re-mapping the ECU is that it helps in enhancing the power and also helps in improving the fuel efficiency of the vehicle on which it is carried on. Well, once you have decided to go for the operation, the next thing for you to consider is that which method of re-mapping you won't get done on your vehicle for improving its performance.
As a general practice, there are two methods of getting the re-mapping done on any vehicle, these methods are referred below:
The first method refers to remap the existing chipping also known as re-writing the chip. Under this method, the program installed in the chip of ECU is re-written in such way that helps in enhancing the performance of the car. The worth mentioning the feature of this method is that it is not possible for a person to detect that the engine of the particular car has been re-mapped in case if you sale your used car to someone in future. As the whole process is quite critical it needs to be get done by an experienced technician. The only drawback of this method is that it is not possible to install the washed out program back into the chip, however, if you want to install a new program then it can be done without any complexity.

The other method of diesel tuning for improving the performance of a vehicle is replacing the existing tuning box with a new tuning box. The tuning box is installed into the engine control unit and redefines the existing program of the ECU. The major benefit of this method is that you can re-install the phased out whenever you want to sale out your vehicle.

Benefits of tuning the diesel engine: Although the results delivered by different models will vary from each other depending upon the condition of the engine. But if you want to assess the results of diesel tuning then if you own BMW320 DE46 that generates the power of 159 PS and torque of 330 Nm, will generate the power of 190 PS followed by the torque of 410Nm. Similarly, the power of BMW 535D will hike from 286 PS to 340 PS followed by the torque of 580 Nm to 700Nm.

In short, it can be said that if you are struggling with the performance of your BMW car then getting it tuned by an expert technician will help in regaining its hidden power with little investment.

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