Health improvement covers a lot of different things. Yet it all sums up your wellness goals, whether it’s for a better body, fitness, diet & nutrition, managing stress, or any other important part of staying healthy it’s important to find simple strategies to better take care of your body and have a healthy life.

Fitness and exercise should be on the top of everyone’s list of health improvement strategies. Performing daily exercises and maintaining an active lifestyle is key to enjoying good health. Developing good functional movement habits is essential to keep you muscles strong, safe, and injury-free while striving to achieve added strength, flexibility, and overall fitness!

But a lot of fitness buffs seem to be “tuning-out” during their workouts. What do I mean? Headphones, TV, Kindles, and I Pads are frequently used nowadays while working out. Nobody seems to realize that these electronic toys are potentially distracting them from paying attention to what their body is doing! The body will do the work out on auto-pilot because you are too busy singing along with your favorite tune to give yourself clear instructions and pay attention to be sure they are being executed correctly. To really get maximum benefits from your fitness activities, it’s necessary to “tune-in” and pay attention to what the body is doing while it’s moving!

It takes brain-power to tell the body what to do and how to move well. This is the art of “tuning-in!” You can get faster, better results if you are aware of what you’re body is doing. You will also have the chance while you’re working out to evaluate whether you are doing things right or not, which can help decrease your risk of injury and develop more efficient functional movements for improved health!

This is one of the primary reasons that Pilates and other mind-body workout programs are so beneficial. Having to focus on what you are doing every single second of your workout, you will become more aware of how things feel, what muscles are really working (or aren’t working), how easy or difficult the challenges are, and can really be conscious of your body’s posture while moving. And what about paying attention to if you are breathing properly! There is are so many details to pay attention to. These may all seem like trivial details but when you start taking them into consideration you’ll achieve BIG results! Improve your exercise technique and develop better, more efficient functional movements habits by “tuning-in” instead of tuning out during your workouts.

If you’ve been exercising regularly and aren’t getting the results you want from your fitness program, first re-evaluate your goals and action plan. Then check in with your exercise routine, and “tune-in” to what you’re doing during your workouts! You might also find it helpful to hook up with a trainer, Pilates teacher, or a functional movement specialist to help you identify things that can be fine-tuned to improve your posture, body alignment and exercise technique for maximum benefits from your fitness program.

Better Functional Movement Habits + Repetition of Good Habits with Exercise = Amazing Health Improvement Benefits!

REMEMBER: It’s important to always “TUNE-IN” to work out! Mind your body’s form and functional movement habits while working out, and optimize your efforts for a STRONGER & HEALTHIER YOU!


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One of the greatest benefits of Pilates is that your brain and body has to be engaged during every exercise you do! If you’re looking for something to help focus your attention on form and function, do Pilates! Then take what you’re learning with your Pilates exercises for improved functional movement, and transfer those efforts back to all the other sport and fitness activities you enjoy!
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