Türk Telekom, which has been trying to satisfy the customers with the most economical tariffs for many years, also adds special internet campaigns over the reasonable prices in 2020. Türk Telekom subscribers who use the free internet offered in addition to the tariffs, where the internet is the most important factor, can pay much lower bills.

Do you know the applications where you can earn free internet instantly? Everything about bedava internet packages and tariffs.

Free Internet with Social Package Campaign

Since Türk Telekom knew how valuable its female customers are, she prepared a special campaign for them. Thanks to this campaign, which is called a Social Package campaign, women can dig 2 GB of free internet. This is one of the best opportunities for women using Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter.

To participate in the campaign, women must first upload 25 TL or more. Since there is a requirement to load money, it is possible to participate in this campaign only on prepaid lines. People who load 25 TL or more can enter the message section of their phone and write “SOCIAL PACKAGE” and send an SMS to 5555. As soon as the message is sent, 1 GB Whatsapp usage and 1 GB Facebook and Twitter usage will be added to the lines of our women.

Free Internet for Türk Telekom Selfy Members

Introduced as the new youth world of Türk Telekom, Selfy attracted great attention by young people. In this platform, which creates all of its campaigns for young people, it is possible to gain free internet in a very simple way.

People who are members of Selfy can take the first step for Türk Telekom Free Internet by downloading the "Tambu" application on their phones.

After that, you should enter the application and switch to the gift code section within the application. Here, people are given a code for one-time use. People who enter the message section of their phone and prepare their message in the form of “TAMBU CODE” will get 1 GB of internet valid for 30 days when they send the message to 4545.

Free Internet Upgrading Line to 4.5G Technology

Although 4.5G technology is activated in our country, many people do not apply to the dealers to change their SIM cards. Türk Telekom, which wants to prevent this and encourage all its customers to take advantage of 4.5G technology, comes up with free internet campaigns.

Anyone who comes to Türk Telekom dealers and carries their lines to 4.5G technology gets 30 GB of free internet for 1 month. For this, you can write “4.5G 30 GB” with your new SIM cards and send it to 5555. After your message is sent, 30 GB will be defined on your internet line. It can be seen as unlimited internet as it is a difficult limit for many people.

Free Internet with Caller Service

While the phones may turn off due to running out of charge, they can also remain outside the coverage area. In both cases, a warning is received when cell phones are not called. People who want to know who is calling in moments that cannot be reached from the phone can use the Know Caller service. Thanks to this service, when the phones are turned on or inside the coverage area, they will be informed about the callers.

To receive the CallerBil service, it is necessary to enter PLUS in the message sections of the phones and send an SMS to 7065. With this message, 1-month membership is made. The same message must be sent to 7066 for a 6-month membership. After both subscriptions, 1 GB free internet will be defined to users' lines. No extra action is required to get free internet.

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Türk Telekom offers free internet applications and campaigns as well as other mobile phone operators, postpaid and prepaid in two sections.