Here is a plan to multiply your effectiveness and efficiency that at first glance seems very simple and just plain common sense. Unfortunately just because something is common sense, it is not often common practice. The reason I present this plan to you, is to help you to multiply your effectiveness and the quantity and quality of the results you are able to enjoy. Please make sure that you draw a clear distinction between activity and productivity. I am by no means saying that you need to pack more work in your daily schedule. I am talking about learning a new system that will help you to become more effective at producing results.
•More Money.
•Effective relationships.
•Better Health.
•Easier goal attainment.
•Super achievement.
You can have all of the above while living a life filled with less stress and more time with your family. All that you need to do is to apply a little discipline in your life, a small dose of willpower until you can develop a few new daily disciplines that over time will evolve into your new success habit set.
Invest the time to narrow your goals down to a maximum of three. We cannot focus on achieving more than three big goals each year. We dilute our efforts and we never seem to achieve anything, when we try to achieve all our dreams at once. Choose three goals that when you have accomplished these three goals, you would be in a far better place that you currently find yourself.
Now choose one goal that you are going to focus all your energy on for the next 90 days. The other two goals are put on the backburner and all your energy is focused on achieving this one goal. The first step is to look at this goal and see how you can break it back even further into projects or smaller bite size chunks. When big goals are viewed as a whole they seem unachievable. When we begin to break them back into bite size chunks, we have smaller individual projects we can begin to tackle. Identify between one and three projects that you are going to tackle over the next thirty days and put all the other projects onto the backburner. This focused approach, where you focus all your energy on a few things at a time allows you to see great progress in a short space of time.
Once you have chosen the three projects you are going to focus all your energy on for the next thirty days. Break these projects back further into individual actions. Create a separate action list for each project. These action lists are your source document detailing the individual actions that you will take each day.
Make Time Available
Look at your schedule for the next thirty days and set sufficient time aside each day to carry out a minimum of five activities from your action lists. I like to call these time slots “Meetings with my Future”. These are time slots that are penned into your dairy and can only be rescheduled if a real emergency comes up. When you go into these meetings it is crucial that you encase yourself in a cone of silence. Place to be a library, an unused conference room or even just in your car parked somewhere quiet. There must be no distractions – it is best to go into an environment where you cannot be disturbed. I find the best. You will get an incredible amount of focused, effective work done when you separate yourself from the normal daily distractions, during your meetings with your future.
Now that you have prioritised your top three goals, broken them back into individual actions and created time to carry out these tasks, you have set the foundation for achieving all your goals over time. I will highlight the next steps in my article tomorrow.

Author's Bio: 

I am an Entrepreneur, Master Teacher, Radio Host, Global Traveler and Author. My area of focus is in the field of human behavior, expanded awareness and enlightenment. I travel the planet constantly researching, learning and seeking ways to unlock the mysteries of the human mind. I delve into the inner workings of the universe, always looking for ways to understand my role in making things better and contributing to the improvement of the human experience.
I live an authentic and privileged life filled with love and gratitude. My mission and vision has been to gather, learn and apply as much wisdom and knowledge in my own life as possible. To this end I have been a voracious student, in the field of human behavior and human development.