It is often our most challenging moments in life that offer us the greatest opportunities to grow and expand. Take a real honest look at any challenges you have faced in the past. Are you better or worse off for having faced those challenges? Start to view all challenges as delayed opportunities waiting to be exploited.

Strive to see any roadblocks that you may encounter, on your way to living your potential as merely “FUTURE OPPORTUNITY GENERATORS”. When you train yourself to do this, you will completely change your thought patterns around challenges. This small shift in your thinking, will allow you to turn any challenges (big or small) into new opportunities far sooner.

While you don't want to ignore reality, you can learn to deal positively with negative people and events. There is no need to focus on the negative when a shift in your attitude can bring you learning and growth. This shift happens when you see any challenges or hardships as merely an opportunity to gain new experiences and knowledge.

Thank the challenging people that cross your path, for teaching you about yourself and for giving you the opportunity to learn the benefits of a positive mindset. These CHALLENGING PEOPLE, that are traditionally viewed so negatively offer an opportunity for SPIRITUAL AND PERSONAL GROWTH and teach you invaluable lessons that will help you to explore and utilize your brilliance.

If challenges and obstacles were the deciding factor in how everyone’s lives turned out then no one would attain success. The only difference between successful people and those that settle for mediocrity is that the former see challenges as things to overcome on their way to success and the latter see them as reasons not to even try.

Everything in life is a choice; you get to choose the manner in which you face any challenges. You can choose to face any challenges that come your way from a perspective of helplessness or you can choose to react to these same challenges, from a standpoint of personal power. When you practice the latter you are consciously optimistic and all challenges will be temporary and easily solved.

Your future is never dependant on what happens to you, but rather how you respond to what happens to you. Learn to look for the opportunity in every challenge you face. Remain positive in the face of adversity and allow challenges to become the catalyst that sparks new opportunities in your life.

Can we ever expect to live life free of challenges? YES! Seeing anything as a challenge is a choice. Change the way you view any "Challenge" and it can then become a DELAYED OPPORTUNITY, waiting for you to exploit.

Difficulties and challenges are inevitable throughout your life, choosing a defeatist attitude and allowing yourself to be beaten is always optional. The only difference between “PERCIEVED FAILURE” and a “HIDDEN OPPORTUNITY” is your belief about and your attitude toward challenges, obstacles and “FAILURE”.

When any problem forms a shadow over your life, do not waste energy trying to make it disappear by attempting to stamp it out or resisting it in any way. Firstly just alter the way you view any problem and see it simply as a challenge, which as you know, can be easily overcome, by shining the light of your determined energy on it

Leave the mistakes and absurdities from yesterday behind and allow them to only serve as lessons for today. Yesterday is simply the foundation of knowledge upon which you should build today, never a reason to encumber today. Fill today with your hopes and dreams and don’t waste a moment on yesterday, it is gone forever.

Anything outstanding that has ever been achieved started out as only a dream, an idea in someone’s head. You can also create wonders with your dreams and hopes, if you also, nourish and protect them and accept that you will need to nurse them through challenges, until you get to make them shine as they become your new reality.

Rise to the challenge and realize that you have a unique capacity to shape your life, search around and especially within yourself for the kind of growth that will shape and fulfill you. This challenge may seem impossible, but the effort will most certainly be worthwhile. Remember even the highest mountain can be surmounted by building winding pathways.

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am an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Success Coach and Author. My area of expertise includes Business Turn Around, Time, Energy and Activity management routines, Efficiency, persuasion and influence.

I have been a consummate student in the field of human development for the pats twenty years and specialise in guiding people to optimise their time, energy and activity management routines. I then help them to develop a Success Habit Set that promotes Effortless Success.