I missed a huge opportunity for learning back in 1999, because I was so busy trying to "get it right". And that missed opportunity taught me how to turn my fears about business and leadership into courage and powerful actions.

I signed up for a leadership course that was a year-long process through The Coaches Training Institute. I was a young whippersnapper but had been through other leadership training and felt like I was ahead of the curve. Hilarious, because a real leader doesn't think that way.

There were many opportunities for us to speak "on stage" and facilitate the group. I was so busy trying to get the exercise right and worrying about how I did that I missed the opportunity to improve my leadership skills.

If I could do it all over again I'd be hungry for feedback to create learning for myself. I'd be eager to be present, do my best and see how it all worked out. Instead my fear was running the agenda and I felt totally uncomfortable when I was standing in front of my peers. I was not having fun and my results proved it.

Now when I'm stretching out of my comfort zone I ask for as much pertinent data—feedback, input, masterminding and help—as I possibly can. I ask powerful questions about the things I'm wary of or need more expertise in. I admit my ignorance or fears on the subject at hand so that I can transform it into knowledge and results.

You may find yourself sulking back into your comfort zone when instead you really want to stretch. Maybe you want to offer a new service but you don't know how it would all come together. Maybe you want to expand your business by hiring a new team member or mentor but your lack of money gets in the way of you taking the next step.

Take on the fear. Untangle the old stories. Face what is so, and let that drive you into a passion for taking on the task or dream with excitement and vigor.

Become a masterful questioner of those who have gone before you. Pick your mentor's brain about how they achieved success and stayed sane.

Go to your leading edge and feel the thrill of the ride! Go big but prepare with facts, strategy and intention.

What are you avoiding that you know would shove you into a higher profit set point?

* Even if you failed before at this very thing, are you willing to be a detective and scout out solutions to make it work for your business?
* Who can you ask for help, mentoring or expertise?
* What if you laid your butt on the line and told others that you are going for the dream and backed it up with action?

In another mastermind I'm a part of, one of the members announced that she wanted to be on the New York Times Bestseller List. And she wanted to do it the old-fashioned way with no gimmicks or strategies where you buy $250,000 worth of your books and resell them.

We urged her to tell the rest of the members and get their support. She did. And the tribe has rallied to her support. They are going to get everyone they know to buy this book. She's doing everything she knows to live the dream. And it's scary and exciting.

But that's the thrill of life and business! The experience of doing something you've dreamed, even when it seems outrageous to your ego mind.

Your Inner Business Expert knows it's possible otherwise you wouldn't have been given the inspiration to articulate the desire. I urge you to do something today to transform your fear into power. In turn, you'll watch profits increase with your enthusiasm for the dream in progress. This is where the juice happens!

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