There is one letter difference between having a mere contact and then converting that contact into a long term sales contRact. That letter is a massive “R”, which stands for “RELATIONSHIP”. If you want to convert the “Right Contacts” you already know and will get to know, into long term sustainable sales contRacts, then you must invest sufficient time towards developing mutually beneficial long term relationships with them. The only way these Relationships can work in the long term, is if they are based on trust and value. In other words your contact must learn to trust you and they must be able to appreciate the value that you bring, in the form of your full value proposition. This process all starts and ends with mutually beneficial relationships, where both parties win. In other words there must be a modality of fair exchange, between all parties.

Making this work for you
If you want to make this work for you and you want to turn the right contacts into long term sustainable sales contracts, then you must accept that things never happen to you, but that “THINGS HAPPEN BECAUSE OF YOU”. Once you have accepted that you are responsible to build your own business and that the success or failure of every sale, you make or fail to make, is 100 % dependant on you. You will realise that you cannot afford to waste any of your valuable time, trying to prospect businesses or people, who are not a perfect fit for your value proposition. This can only be achieved if you know exactly what you sell and then you must invest sufficient time to discover exactly who needs it.

Stop being Busy
If you want to continue to convert the right contacts into long term sustainable sales contracts, then you must accept that sales success is never about being busy, it is about being effective, efficient and productive.

This means that you prioritise, focus and carry out the right activities every day. What are the right activities, I hear you say? Well these are the activities, or should I rather say, daily routines or success habits, which when performed daily, will help you to consistently build long term mutually relationships with your customers. As you know selling is never about completing single transactions, but is rather about finding ways to support your customers and consistently add value to them. Develop a daily success habit to support you to do this and selling becomes effortless and really enjoyable for both you and your customers.

Once you have developed a daily success habit to support you to carry out the right activities every day. The next step is to ensure that you utilize your available time as efficiently as possible. This means that you will get more of the right stuff done every day and is achieved by ensuring that you do three things, namely, delegate, delete or deliver. Delegate all the tasks which are not the most effective use of your available time, delete all the things from your day which unnecessarily consume your time and immediately deliver on all the things which matter the most.

Being productive means that you stop spinning your wheels and instead you consistently perform the maximum number of the right daily activities, within your available time. Productivity is, simply a case of building more sustainable, long term mutually beneficial relationships, with the right customers in the same time or building the same amount in less time. The more productive you become, the more sales you will be able to make and the more time you will have available to wow your customers.

Adapt the new adage of “IF IT IS TO BE THEN IT IS UP TO ME”, identify the right customers, who need exactly what you have to sell, build mutually beneficial relationships with them, consistently under promise and over deliver and you can become the sales giant, I know you are.

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