Your son’s birthday is next week, and you still have no idea what to include or where to start? 

It is a common conundrum among many parents who intend to make their kid’s birthday into a memorable eve. But this problem is an easy fix. 

Here are some inspiring ideas to include. Follow closely!

Create A Birch Branch Centrepiece Using Vivid Decorative Items:- 

Celebrate your son’s birthday this Winter by creating a birch branch centrepiece. One can take inspiration from Winter-wonderland party magazines or even Pinterest.

The most popular one is creating a rustic centrepiece using different decorative items mainly involving white, burlap and silver. One can also add some sparkly pink highlights. 

Scatter them across the room along with 2-3 in the centre table right beside the birthday cake. This will surely arrest the attention of whoever gazes it.

Make A Tealight Walkway Decor Feature:-

This is a sheer delight to have in any winter-themed children parties in Sutherland Shire, and with good reasons too! The trick is very simple. One needs to fill an oval-shaped balloon with water and leave it outside. 

Allow one side of the balloon to freeze 80%. Peel the balloon off carefully and let out the unfrozen water. Slowly insert a tea light to create a wonderful walkway decorative feature for all the guests to walk past it.

It will set their mood for the rest of the evening. That’s for sure!

Add Bright Candy Showpieces:-

Brightly coloured candy showpieces are a signature in most winter themed kid birthday party set-ups in Sutherland Shire. One can even add small labels- of either the birthday boy himself, or a birthday wish or anything to make the guests to take notice. 

Set these candy showpieces around the birthday table, walls and other common areas for the guests.

Hire A Jumping Castle Arrangement With All Necessary Party Equipment:- 

Another popular arrangement which every kid wants to have in their birthday party is a jumping castle. They come in all shapes, themes and sizes and can get set up both outdoors and indoors. 

If the party venue is at some guest house, then request the jumping castle hire service provider to set it at the hall room. 

Some of the popular themes to choose are:-

  • Pirates Of The Caribbean Castle.
  • Racing Castle.
  • Sports Inflatable Castle.
  • Frozen Castle (5 in 1 Combo Pack).

With This; Also Look To Procure Other Party Equipment Like:-

  • Slushie Machines
  • Chairs and tables for all guests to sit-talk-eat.
  • Generators to ensure the slushie machine and other equipment keep running. 

Most birthday party packages or inflatable castle deals include kids party entertainers too watch over their hired equipment as well as the kids enjoying with it at the party. So check with the service provider beforehand. 

Arrange For Pre-Made Snowman Kit:- 

Pre-made snowman kits are very popular among little kids- particularly those who have lauded the movie Frozen. 

So why not decorate the venue with lots of snowflakes and hand over every kid with a snowman kit as a birthday favour. They will love it.

Have Glitter-Filled Party Hats:- 

Kid’s birthday parties never seem complete without some glitter. So, add colours such as silver, white, blue, glitters on party hats and make it a rule for everyone to wear it till the party continues. 

It will bring the magic of the winter season indoors thus making everyone enjoy the evening even more.

Try out these ideas. Your little superstar will love you even more for all this.

Author's Bio: 

The author specialises in providing arrangements for Children Parties Sutherland Shire. With that, the author also caters requests of providing Birthday Party inflatable castles in Sutherland Shire at reasonable rates.