The first consideration that one requires in order to turn your life around is to look at yourself with clarity, honesty and discernment. What do you, as an individual, stand on? We live in a day and age where many are lost, confused, misdirected and misguided. We have many in our population reliant on anti-depressants, and these many range in age from early teenagers to octogenarians! Depression is foremost a loss of self – a loss of self-respect – and that comes directly from a LACK of respect for all others, for all life.

I was born on a farm in eastern Montana, on the barren prairie. My father was a rancher, a farmer. We milked cows, worked with horses, lived in a house without water or electricity, carried wood and water in and out. We had a bunkhouse that slept 30 men, who worked for my father - mostly for room and board and a few dollars a month.

We were hard-working people. We lived from our teachings and our true core respect of the “God-given” life that each and every one had. We pulled together in any crisis and in any celebration. Our inner-strength carried us through all sickness, injuries, pain and suffering. We rarely sought outside help – including medical – yet were always willing to give help. We truly respected each other, our freedom and our government. We prayed daily and gave thanks for what we had. No one expected a handout. We were proud to carry our own weight. We were a proud people.

I grew up, left home, married, and thought I had come into this relationship knowing all I needed from the strength of my upbringing. I found myself in a very harmful relationship – one that led to my husband having me stabbed 26 times in 1972, in his attempt to gain our insurance policy payoff. I survived and went through 30 days in the hospital, after which the doctor told me he could do no more and was going to send me on to the county hospital. I told him there was no way I was going on to County General - I was too proud to take state aid, instead I would go home. The doctor was very against this, so I asked him if he had done the best job he could on me. He answered yes, to which I replied “OK, then the rest is up to me!”, and I went home. I went home, refusing to take any pills, and I began the long process to figure out how to get out of this problem.

I was able to reach back to my original home foundation, to talk to my Dad, who gave me some advice, and then my Aunt who gave me some more advice. Yes, there was a lot of pain and tears, but I am eternally grateful that I received such a true foundation from my family, and I keep returning to this foundation as my springboard for all I do. .

Today, 39 years later, I am in Perfect Health.

What I believe is wrong with our nation is that many of our young people have lost – or were never taught to have - their own self-respect. And, they have no idea of the incredible foundation they have inherited just from what our forefathers and families went through to make this nation great.

My Grandma used to tell us if we wanted something we had to work for it, and if we didn’t we would go on wanting. That is why we had so much pride in our selves. We were not afraid of working for what we wanted or needed. We would find a way. I taught my children the same thing. When I was hurt, and they were teenagers, they banded together and took care of themselves. I am very proud of them because they never asked for help from anyone.

Today many of our young people – and many of our old - have a sense of entitlement or something. They don’t realize that anything you get for free actually costs and takes a very high price on your freedom.

I do want to give credit where credit is due, and to give honor to all who have and have had the courage to fight for our freedom – for that too is of utmost importance in one’s personal foundation. Without freedom one is forced to do things that are not their truth – without freedom we are puppets and servants.

To turn your life around begin by owning your truth, owning your freedom, and by using these to build your personal foundation on which you stand.

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An impassioned speaker and teacher, Ada Marie has:

• produced and starred in thirty-two television shows in the United States, and appeared in six English television productions.
• was a featured guest on numerous radio shows in Texas, Florida, New York, and California.
• developed a complete video home study program designed to assist individuals in bringing creativity into their life.
• authored and self-published five books – with her sixth in the works.
• created the acclaimed “Progressive Relaxation” method.
• conducted – for 20 years - the “Sedona Retreats”, held in the heart of Arizona’s 1.8 million acre Coconino National Forest.
• continues to hold personal daily counseling sessions, seminars and one-on-one retreats at her Golden Oracle property in Oracle, Arizona.

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