Today we continue with part two of our five part series on “turning your life around”. We began last week with the building – and for many the rebuilding – of your personal foundation. What do you, as an individual, stand on? Now we are here to learn the next step that is as vital as that of your foundation, and that is forgiveness.

We are inundated lately with products and remedies that are to cleanse and detoxify our bodies…take this product, this pill, this capsule, this powder…I am here to tell you forgiveness is the true “cleanser” – the true power that clarifies, purges and purifies all the negativity that can – and does – accumulate in your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Many people have great difficulty with this word. They believe that forgiveness – whether forgiveness of themselves or of others – is not only hard but impossible. They believe that forgiveness is their condoning “bad behavior” – and is not something they can do, let alone would want to do. They believe that forgiveness is their awarding the bad with something good – why would they give anything bad an award?! And they believe that this “award” comes from themselves…

The first step to forgiveness is to realize that none of these beliefs are accurate. And the reason they are not accurate is because all of them are based on the concept of separation – separation from the true source of forgiveness, separation from the true source of all that is good, separation from GOD. You need first to know that you are not operating alone – you are not in this world alone, but are the true carrier, the true vessel of God – in you, through you, as you. You then acknowledge that, and one of the most powerful phrases to use is to claim and own this truth with words “I AM ONE WITH GOD”.

With your reconnection to this truth only good can come. Take a good look at how you live, how you think, how you react to your world. How often in your day do you succumb to negativity, whether from another OR from yourself? We cannot afford a negative thought of any kind. Realize this: EVERYTHING YOU ARE OR EVERYTHING YOU EXPERIENCE IS CAUSED BY YOUR FEELING OF YOUR SPOKEN WORD. Negative thoughts, words and or deeds are detrimental habits – but YOU CAN TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND.

Take control. When negative situations occur bring forth your “I AM” statement of truth and feel only the strength that it provides. Allow your “I AM” Self to bless each situation and each person whose presence you are in who is angry, hateful or selfish. Quietly in your mind bless them to their best good. Keep repeating these blessings regardless of what is happening in your outer world. Place your hand over your navel to block your absorbing the negativity, and remain focused on your “I AM” truth. Silence the human within and let the GREAT LAW OF LIFE flow through you re-qualifying any and all negativity. As you take on this truth, this strength that flows through you becomes any power that you require. And becomes the forgiveness.

Remember we began this teaching noting that forgiveness is the true cleanser? Here is a “cleansing” procedure that is as important as performing your daily ablutions. Sit silently in a comfortable location that is free from external distractions -

1. For one half hour a day bring forth your “I AM” truth. Feel that truth flow through you, as you, and in this state with sincerity say:
“Forgive me for all my human inharmonious actions and consciousness.” Know that the “I AM” truth brings forth this forgiveness, allow it, feel it and accept it, and give thanks for it.

2. As you allow this forgiveness to flow through you next imagine a beautiful Violet Flame coming through your entire being. Visualize this flame shattering, dissolving and consuming any and all “human inharmonious actions and consciousness”. Visualize all being cleansed, and give thanks for it.

3. Now straighten your spine and say, as though speaking to and directing your “I AM” truth:
“Take out of me every discordant feeling of every kind. Charge and fill my mind and body with Your Great Peace, Your Great Happiness, Your Great Strength. Take charge of my feelings and let Your Glorious Truth flood forth through me and into my world harmonizing and perfecting all. Take command and produce Your Perfection everywhere.”
Repeat 7 times.

Do this every day for 7 days and you find immense changes occurring within you and without. Here is the new beginning that will really give you cleansing and detoxifying. Here is the new that will really give you great joy and release.

To turn your life around, any time throughout the day or night, whenever a negative thought or situation comes to you, quickly call on your “I AM” truth, and, as in the above procedure, call upon “FORGIVENESS” and call upon the “VIOLET FLAME”. Cleanse, clarify, purge and purify your self, your world, constantly and consistently. Take charge and know that in you and in your world there is no shame, there is no harm, there is no negativity - there is only PERFECTION.

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