Part three of our five part series on “turning your life around” is focused on FEAR. Okay, not just on fear but on first acknowledging it – and then on overcoming it! So what is fear? Many people do acknowledge fear about specific things such as spiders or flying or even fear of heights. And these fears may be based on actual past negative occurrences – where harm came from the source of the fear, such as a spider bite that became infected, or an engine failure while in flight, or a fall from something of height – a ladder, a roof, et cetera. Fear, in these cases, could be deemed to be legitimate; it could even be deemed to be valuable, as serving as a “warning” device.

We come to classify fears as in the example above as rational – they came about from actual occurrences, actual lessons. Early on we learn about our world, our surround, by similar processes that can be termed negative reinforcement. We learn if we touch fire it burns, if we get cut it hurts – and we continue our whole life learning in this manner… Sometimes, however, our perceptions of the situation’s negative reinforcement is not rational; we may reach conclusions that are irrational, and from these we create inaccurate realities.

An example of such is when we experience a loving relationship that goes awry, and from the pain and suffering we decide that ALL relationships will go awry and will have pain and suffering - and then we conclude it will NEVER be safe to be in relationship again - AND we carry this perception even further until we conclude it will also NEVER be safe to love. For that’s what got us into trouble in the first place! The perception caused a belief that we allowed to become our reality. And we then allow that supposed reality to not only dictate our actions, but to take over and control our lives.

Our lack of control creates more fear, and we become part of a never-ending cycle. That is until we choose to break that cycle, to evolve beyond the initial negative reinforcement, our perception of it, and to consciously - through our awareness - bring the belief from the past into the present. Now, many teachers and methods exist to help you overcome your fears. Many of these are based on the concept of facing your fears, having courage, having strength to go through and beyond whatever is the perceived source of this fear. Some will take you back into your childhood to identify the causative factor, while others are based on the concept of replacement therapy – replace the negative fear with a positive alternate - fill the deficit the fear has created with something good.

I would like to propose that fear really comes from one action, or better yet from one non-action – and that non-action is to not listen to our truth, our inner voice, our Higher Self, our GOD-self. I use the term to listen but I actually see it as meaning to perceive, to connect, to be – to become one – AGAIN – with our True Self. When we do take the time to listen we connect to our inner space where true reality resides, we reestablish our self, and we let go of all from our external world that is not truth.

I do not see fear as a truth, I see it as a symptom. It is the symptom that comes when the human self has separated from it’s True Self – and in doing so lives from that perception of separation. When we live our separated “person”, our personality, we do respond to all life presents with our emotions – we fail to connect to the wisdom that is inherent within us – the wisdom that allows us, through our connecting, to literally “rise above” pain and suffering. When we consistently take time in our lives to connect – simply by sitting still and opening to our inner self – we are literally lead from anything that can cause us harm.

In our last presentation on “Part II - Turn Your Life Around” I presented a visualization that can assist immensely in bringing about all the amazing benefits of forgiveness. In the first part of this visualization I directed you to sit in a comfortable quiet place that is free from external distractions. I would have you do the same now, and for one half hour each day visualize bringing forth your “I AM” Truth. Imagine this True Self sending all the Light and Love of Infinity – of GOD – into you, and feel that Truth flow through you. See your separated selves connecting through this Light and then feel your selves merge as one being. In this state, feel only acceptance of all that is indeed your absolute True Self. Sit as long as you can, absorbing as long as you can.

When you emmerge again into your everyday surround, your everyday life, you will notice more and more that you fear no more. When fear does arise you can look at it very differently – you can look at it now knowing it to be only a symptom – an emotional reaction – and you can now say to it: “You are not Truth, and from this moment on I accept and allow only my “I AM” Truth to be present and operating in my life.” You do not have to replace this emotion with anything, you do not have to fill any deficit from it, you do not have to surrender control to it ever again.

In this moment, in this hour, in this day, in this life, you are your True Self. Carry this wisdom, know this wisdom, be this wisdom - allow it, feel it and accept it. In doing so you are that one constant, and that is Love.

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