We are now presenting Part IV of our five part series – how are you all doing with turning your life around? Hopefully all that entered this series by the articles published on SelfGrowth, by the videos on “adamariestube” on YouTube, or by the radio show “the True Golden Oracle” on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network, are progressing well. And hopefully all are keying into the underlying message to all of these presentations – and that is to get to know your True Self.

Today we are going to address your innate “Self Love” – and how you can learn to identify it. Let’s first look at what “Self Love” is…

Is “Self Love” something we obtain by our actions? We learn at a very young age that what we do and how we act will often dictate the “love” we receive. Is “Self Love” something we obtain as an acquisition? We are inundated daily by ads on how to obtain better ANYTHING! How is it that so many have yet to have this most essential tool, this true foundation to building anything in life?

We are living with mixed messages – often our home and work messages teach us to be humble, to not think too much of ourselves, to not think ourselves better than anyone else, even messages that are very belittling. And on the other hand we receive input through advertising that consistently tells us to be all that we can, to do it, to own the best lawnmower-car-house-boat-et al, to be too sexy for our everything…

Which is truth? If we release the “physical” world for the “spiritual” we would learn and know that each and every being has the same “GOD-self” within, and by virtue of that has the potential to be their PERFECT SELF. This has nothing to do with boasting, with being better than another, with using a special cream or pill, or with having anything the material world would press on us – it has to do with truly being your individual innate TRUTH. And with giving yourself permission to BE that – regardless of anyone else.

In 30+ years of counseling, almost every problematic situation I’ve encountered could have been prevented with “Self Love”. I once had a client who lived his life with many failures – in love, in business, in health. No matter what he tried he found he just could not succeed, or better said he could not thrive. He got by. When we first began counseling he casually mentioned he had a brother that seemed the exact opposite – he had the perfect relationship, career, house, and no matter what my client tried he could never compare, let alone compete.

Let’s go back to the statement above on giving your self permission to BE YOUR PERFECT SELF – regardless of anyone else. In delving into my client’s truth it was found that he had stored the belief that he could never do better than his elder brother – his PERFECT elder brother. He had actually grown up with many talents, and with high intelligence, but buried within him he had received a message from his parents that he was never to excel above his elder brother – even if his talents were totally different – as it would not be fair to the elder. The parents’ teachings were totally based on our physical world - possibly based on the concept that the elder should always be the best, and certainly based on a concept that we are to belittle our own selves in order to not threaten another – especially when that other is a family member.

I took my client through the best formula for learning “Self Love” using the following three steps:

The first applies this very simple, but powerful, affirmation:


Written with NO COMMA! You can see that indeed if I didn’t love me (my self), how COULD you?

The next step is to treat yourself as you would treat your best friend. When doing things for yourself do you find yourself skimping? Do you find yourself using self-talk that is condemning? Before doing anything for your self take a moment to ask “Would I serve, treat, or talk to my “best friend” in this manner?”

The third step is to clear your life of negativity - especially suggestions - even from friends and loved ones. Refuse to listen to them, refuse to accept them, and then, refuse to continue to poison yourself with any negative thoughts, judgements or emotions you may be harboring.

As my client applied this technique in his life, he was able to not only learn self-confidence, but also to learn and connect with his innate self, his True Self. He learned he was here to be his best, and that in doing so he harmed no one, whereas in not doing so he continuously harmed himself. He is now thriving – in all he does, in all he approaches, all because of “Self Love”.

With strength and determination you will find this formula will also bring you to your innate “Self Love”, and this connection, once made, will last the rest of your life; you will have friends, success, health, happiness and harmony! You will become your True Self, your PERFECT SELF!

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An impassioned speaker and teacher, Ada Marie has:

• produced and starred in thirty-two television shows in the United States, and appeared in six English television productions.
• was a featured guest on numerous radio shows in Texas, Florida, New York, and California.
• developed a complete video home study program designed to assist individuals in bringing creativity into their life.
• authored and self-published five books – with her sixth in the works.
• created the acclaimed “Progressive Relaxation” method.
• conducted – for 20 years - the “Sedona Retreats”, held in the heart of Arizona’s 1.8 million acre Coconino National Forest.
• continues to hold personal daily counseling sessions, seminars and one-on-one retreats at her Golden Oracle property in Oracle, Arizona.

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