We have come to the end of our journey. We have reached Part V of our five part series. We can also say that we have come full circle. In all of our series “Turn Your Life Around” – How to Build a Personal Life Foundation, Foremost Forgiveness, Acknowledge & Overcome Fear and Identify Your Innate Self Love – we have embraced the one common thread and that is to be your True Self.

Our last step in this process addresses what is for many the one thing that blocks them from living their Perfect Self, their Perfect Life, their Perfect Truth, and that is they get in their own way. How, you might ask, is this possible…how are we doing this? Let’s look at five main ways we do this:

1. Culturally/Environmentally
2. Personal Responsibility
3. Sympathy/Victimhood
4. Comfort Zone
5. Resistance

In our first listing we are all susceptible to our cultural and environmental influences. Our familial pressures are always to learn to conform in order to belong. We learn often that to belong is synonymous with getting not only our basic needs met, but extends to getting “kudos”, strokes, praise, and what we perceive as love. Yet these influences may not always serve. Their program may not fit who we really are – in our human self, and may definitely not fit who we are in our spiritual self, our Truth Self. Inconsistent messages are received that we may not be good enough, we may not “deserve” better, and therefore we may not have better.

Personal responsibility – a very large and often overwhelming area – is often hard to take on. It can be again a learned behaviour to always turn your responsibility to another – to a parent, spouse, friend, boss…Often, however, the pattern is not just a learned one. It is one of displaced justification. It can be easier to blame another for personal circumstances than to ride above and face your own choices.

This ties into our third arena of sympathy/victimhood. If someone else is always responsible, we may see that we benefit by receiving sympathy from others. We may see that others’ bestowal of compassion makes us feel that we matter, that we are loved. This can become a veritable addiction – we become the story that evokes this false love, not our truth.

Are we feeling comfortable? Okay, not just here and now, but overall. Has it become easier in your life to accept where you are rather than to allow abundance? Change, of any sort, can evoke great fear. A prison cell that comes with “room & board” may be easier to accept than to face the truth – that it is indeed a prison cell.

So finally our resistance takes over all. And this resistance can easily turn into a veritable rebellion. We don’t have to change anything! We don’t have to rock the boat! We are just fine where we are, how we are, who we are! Who is anyone to tell us different?! Our bravado becomes our persona – our falsehood becomes our reality.

What do all of these items have in common? Fear? I would rather have it noted that it is not fear, but it is the lack of real love – the lack of real truth – and therefore the lack of Self. We allow ourselves to accept…to accept an imposed life, by others’ manufacturing, by our own manufacturing, by our acquiescence that it is just fine to continue as we are. Why not? Everyone else is doing just that!

Do you want to turn your life around? That is the only question of import here. This is the only question I would have all of you ask. And allow your Self to answer – not just your persona.

I wish you all the absolute Power of Love to enable you to face with conviction that if you are living any limitation you are not living your Truth Self. Use all of these formulas and bring your circle to the fullness you not only DESERVE, but ARE!

In Love & Light,

Ada Marie

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• created the acclaimed “Progressive Relaxation” method.
• conducted – for 20 years - the “Sedona Retreats”, held in the heart of Arizona’s 1.8 million acre Coconino National Forest.
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