The recent trends in design have seen the concept of minimalism achieve hew heights. Be it for interior décor or wedding themes, minimalism is being opted by many who prefer a more down-to-earth style while keeping it unique in appearance. However, in this article, we shall be talking about how we can incorporate the minimalistic flavor to a wedding.So, let’s begin.

As far as wedding themes go, people are now, more than ever, turning towards a more less-decorated style. And this has certainly helped them save more without having to compromise on their overall theme. Furthermore, many affordable wedding venues in Houston provide services that allow you to have the perfect minimal décor without having a pull at your wallet. However, it always helps to know how you can give your wedding a perfect minimal touch.

Here are 4 ways in which you can make your wedding minimal:

1. Make it exclusive: It’s your wedding. Certainly, it should be exclusive just like you and your spouse. And the best way to do this is to have fewer guests. Make it more personal. Moreover, fewer guests mean fewer of everything else, from food and drinks to tables and chairs. This certainly helps save more while maintaining exclusivity.

There are many wedding venues in Houston TX that provide spacious rooms that can accommodate upto 350 guests. Although the space is large, it does not need to be filled to the limit. The best thing about having fewer guests is that you get to walk around spending more quality time with all those present and in a comfortable manner.

2. Set the mood:Although it is suggested that minimal weddings should, for the most part, have a neutral color palette, a “basic beige” finish, it does mean that it will be boring. Luxurious materials and textures like rich velvets, geometric shapes, and shiny greenery will all add to the ostentatious touch while enhancing the minimal appeal.

Numerous reception halls in Houston have their own in-house team of decoratorsthat help you in giving your occasion the perfect theme. Be it the table linen, chair covers, or anything else, all you have to do is tell that what you want and leave the rest to them.

3. Let the flowers bloom:Flowers are undoubtedly an essential requirement at any wedding, and even though they oftentimes carry a more adorning and decorative characteristic, they can certainly have a great simplistic appeal as well.

Understated blooms like dried flowers or white orchids,and even single-stem centerpieces and bouquets, all add a minimal flavor.Be it pure floral arrangements or minimal designs, many affordable wedding venues in Houston offer numerous customized options of your liking.

4. A simple cake to make: Seldom provided with ornate decorations, wedding cakes have earned the reputation of being luxurious in nature. But for a minimal cake, chalk out the ornamentations. Opt for geometric shaped “naked” cakes with, for example, with marble or metallic fondants.

Many affordable wedding venues in Houston team up with prominent cake bakers and designers to give you the perfect delicious minimal cake for your wedding.
If you are looking for a Holiday Party Venue, Houston TX has numerous halls which let you organize your wedding or any other party or event.

Keeping these 4 points in mind will help you give your wedding the perfect minimal touch without compromising the looks or the appeal, and moreover, adding to them.

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Eric Torres is a popular blogger and a wedding planner. He writes on affordable wedding venues in Houston and other aspects of a wedding venue. He also provides ideas for reception halls in Houston. In this article, he mentions 4 tips to have a perfect minimal wedding.