No matter where you turn, fear seems to be a topic of conversation for so many. Turn on the news, read the newspaper, watch television…it’s there. Truth be told, there is a major shift underway. This shift can be frightening to some, enlightening for others. The fear comes from the outward evidence that life is falling apart. The fear comes from the uncertainty of personal and professional finances. The fear comes from the unknown. Yet, isn’t it true that each day is an unknown? With this uncertainty we can live in the space of fear or one we can choose to live in the space of trust. The space of possibility. This posting is not to invalidate anyone’s current situation or experience, but rather to offer a different view of what is occurring. This is the time that those of us who claim to trust in a power greater than ourselves; who claim there is a Senior Partner we trust for guidance; a God that we claim to have so much faith in; a Higher Power we turn to for comfort; this is the time to know whether what we have been saying and believing is really true or it was merely convenient to mouth the words. This is the time to walk the walk instead of talk the talk. This is the time to look at what we do have rather than what we don’t have. This is the time to notice the blessings that abound. Many years ago one of my spiritual mentors taught me the value of gratitude and trust. It was during a time in my life that was bleak and for all outward appearances, hopeless. I could not see the blessings in my life; simply the lack, despair and confusion. Gloria taught me the value of finding even one thing to be grateful for. Maybe a roof over my head, maybe food in my refrigerator, maybe one friend who loved me, maybe my ability to walk, talk, see and hear; maybe my four legged companion who loved me unconditionally. Maybe the ability to allow even the slightest bit of hope to penetrate my protective and fear-filled shield. Today, I don’t have to search further than the seat I sit in to feel gratitude. What I have come to learn is things come and go. That is the ebb and flow of life. The way to weather the inevitable storms we all experience is to do just that, realize we all have our storms. Realize the way we weather the storm is in the willingness to recognize others are going through their own situations, which in this moment may be tough. Realize that the fastest route out of self-pity, fear and hopelessness is to be in service to others. Realize that our perception determines if we live in the space of fear or the space of enlightenment.

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