As we all know sparks can ignite fires but the sparks we're discussing here are the ones upon which a money making business can be established! For anybody looking to become a successful entrepreneur online it all starts with a good business idea which often strikes people like a bolt of lightening. These ideas are often disguised as passions and I say disguised since they are right under your nose and therefore easy to overlook!

Let's have a look at a 5 step process you can use to turn your 'sparks' into something that can lead to success online in terms of business profitability!

Identify the Spark

It's always advisable whenever possible to find the good business idea you're looking for within any passions you may have. There have been a great many who have launched very successful businesses based upon a personal interest they held! In addition this passion makes your work more enjoyable while also helping to keep you motivated! Take inventory of your own interests for the 'nugget of gold' that may be hidden within!

Research its Profitability

Take any ideas you may be considering and try to determine the demand and profitability they may offer. It makes little sense to expect any degree of success online with a product or service which people are unwilling to pay for therefore find this out up front! Conducting internet searches uses the most relevant words or phrases that best describe your idea will show you the level of demand. Looking closer you can also see if other businesses are using paid ads since if they are there's likely people willing to spend money!

Formulate a Plan

When you've found a good business idea with profit potential you need to formulate a plan as to how you intend to market it to the masses! Are you intending to be an affiliate promoting related products, do you want to use a blog or website as your primary base of operations? Consideration must also be given to the best promotional strategies that will give you the greatest results. Leave nothing to chance and consider all the possibilities but get a plan in place!

Evaluate Your Resources

A critical part of the planning process is to match up your resources with the strategies you have under consideration! A successful entrepreneur will generally try to work within their own strengths and are always realistic when planning their actions! This is to say stay within your skill sets at least when starting out and obviously other resources such as time and finances need to be determined as well!

Take the Actions Required

For many the planning stages are slow, unexciting and agonizing but for others implementing their plan can be a nightmare! Taking the first step can often times stop people in their tracks due to fears based upon any number of factors! In almost every case however once action is taken fears diminish and are quickly replaced by an increasing confidence as experience is gained resulting in progress being made! It's that first step that can be a difficult keeping people from any chance of having success online but once its taken things tend to get progressively easier! Remember at this point you've got your plan so take the leap!

Building a money making business on the internet typically begins with ideas people may have that although unusual can lead to success online! Often a good business idea can be 'disguised' as a personal interest that many tend to overlook, ignore or dismiss as unprofitable! On the other hand working with a passion can also increase your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur since being passionate can keep you motivated! The 5 steps discussed here today begin with determining the market feasibility of any personal interest you may have. If potential is there then the balance of the action plan discussed above will be needed to transform a good business idea into a profitable one as well!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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