Downsizing, companies closing their doors, early retirement options and just wanting to leave the corporate world are reasons people choose to start their own business. In today’s economy, this is becoming an even more frequent choice.

When weighing the options of business ownership, many entrepreneurs purchase a turnkey business opportunity because of the ease of start-up and continued assistance. The learning curve is extremely long and difficult when starting a business from the ground up, and can be lessened a great deal with this type of mentoring. Mistakes that are made and the time spent learning the business can be considered “lost business” because you can’t serve your customers until you know how to. A turnkey business package provides the education without requiring you to go to the school of hard knocks to learn it first hand.

There is value in purchasing experience and knowledge, each of which has a price tag attached to it. A turnkey operation is, according to, a business “which can be implemented or utilized with no additional work required by the buyer.” Just by 'turning the key', you are basically open for business. A good package is complete enough to start your business immediately.

There are two categories, intangibles and tangibles, to consider when comparing turnkey business opportunities. The intangibles are shared experiences, knowledge of the business, processes and procedures, consulting and mentoring, training, etc., all being extremely beneficial for a quick start-up. Equipment, marketing materials and, of course, a detailed manual, are the tangibles that should be reviewed.

Just knowing how to do a business isn’t enough. There is a difference between knowing how and actually being able to complete the process. A good turnkey package will include a supply of templates. It takes hours and hours to create letters, worksheets, marketing pieces, etc., so these documents should be available to download and edit. Imagine popping a CD into your computer, adding your logo and contact information, and then addressing your first marketing letter within hours of receiving your turnkey package. It can happen!

Hands-on training is essential. Even what seems to be the easiest process can be overwhelming when trying to learn everything at once. Actually doing the task is the best way to learn. This training should also be supported with a detailed manual and in-person or telephone consultation.

The manual is the map or guided tour that will be consulted constantly during the start-up phase. Thorough manuals should include background information, marketing tips, resources and any processes the new business owner will need to know.

Marketing can become a full-time job in itself, especially when starting a new business. Just creating a logo and business image can be time consuming. Then there is the task of getting business cards designed and printed. As we all know, that is just the beginning. What about flyers, sell sheets, product lists, price lists and brochures? Each will need to be created, designed and printed. And where do you begin when choosing a website? Do you want to use templates or will you need a complex site? Who should you use? Referrals are the best way to make this decision; interviewing the designers also takes time. Writing the content, or hiring someone to do so is another task that must be addressed. Are you going to have a newsletter? If so, will you write it yourself or hire someone to write it for you?

All of these marketing issues must be addressed, and completed, prior to opening your business. Having all of these provided for you instead will take a lot of burden off your shoulders, and bring your business a professional, tried-and-true marketing package that allows you to concentrate on building your business rather than your website!

No business start-up is complete without support. It is probably the most important and valuable part of the entire package. When looking for a turnkey business to purchase, make sure you have a sufficient amount of support to be successful. Few businesses succeed without assistance from a business coach, mentor or consultant.

A good, high value turnkey business will allow the new entrepreneur to begin immediately. The complete package should provide everything necessary so you can, from day one, focus primarily on making connections to create your own successful business.

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Cindy Hartman is President of Hartman Inventory LLC (, a woman-owned business that provides business and home inventory services. She and her husband Mike also own Hartman Inventory Systems LLC, a turnkey inventory business package for those who want to establish their own inventory company. Learn about the Hartman Inventory Systems Turnkey Business Package at