It is probably the most beautiful bed in the world for style-conscious purists. The famous Roth bed was designed in 1927 by the Swiss architect Alfred Roth for the Corbusier houses at the Weissenhof in Stuttgart. To date, roth embru is a popular classic, which is mostly used in the living area. But the historic Bauhaus hotel "Monte Verita" near Ascona has equipped the rooms with the model 455 by Alfred Roth. The bed is for design lovers and the pendant was designed in 1927 by Alfred Roth.

It is rare for a designer to design furniture that outlasts decades in terms of its aesthetic and functional quality and still finds its buyers after 90 years which is a very big thing because now a day’s material which is used for making beds, tables or any other wooden material is not that good they use cheap material whose lifespan is not more than 5 to 10 years. The bed and the material is the most successful piece of furniture Alfred Roth has ever designed for Embru and is still produced today. Well, that is an attainment.

The heads and feet are bright chrome or black and are easily assembled or disassembled without screws, which mean you can also do it without any help and it is time as well as money save thing. The lying surface with head wedge counter can be equipped with an original spring mattress as well as side and neck rolls. The pillow rolls transform the bed into a comfortable sofa in no time and make it a versatile day or emergency bed for surprising guests. But also put together in pairs, it develops its own charm as a double bed.

Embru was founded in 1902 in Rüti ZH as an iron and metal bed factory Rute and stands today for Swiss tradition and quality. In the 1930s, the long-standing cooperation with well-known avant-garde architects such as Werner Max Moser, Alfred Roth, and Marcel Breuer began. The result is furniture classics that have become indispensable in Swiss design history.

In the Turtle Stapelbett bed by WB Wohn bedarf Edition is the separation of a frame, rust u. Legs (as in the archetypal Gugelot bed ) completely suspended: synthesis of all these u. At the same time, the mattress storage compartment is the curved, one-piece profile body made of molded plywood. Milling ensures suspension, cut-outs or rafters at the corners for any stackability of the turtle bed. So it transforms at will to the high single bed or deep double bed; ideal for an unexpected visit. In cramped conditions.

These beds are easily available and affordable in cost. You can Oder your own choice of bed online now.

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