Whether you are an Android user. or have a phone with iOS, or work on Windows OS, you all have loved TutuApp and its huge library of unofficial apps, tweaks, games, and other content. It is one of the largest 3rd party app stores in the world. TutuApp even lets you download some of the paid apps for free, not a penny charged.

But users have been having issues in downloading this app and it does not seem to work for everyone or give niggling errors. So those of you who thought that TutuApp is the only 3rd party app to allow you such a service of downloading premium apps for free, we have here a list of apps that have emerged as a befitting alternative to TutuApp.

Top Apps You can Use as an Alternative to TutuApp

vShare Market - This one is by far the most popular choice when it comes to a TutuApp alternative. It is a reliable source with more than 100,000 users and is constantly growing. This app works on both iOS and Android and lets you download paid apps for free in a jiffy. It has an intuitive user interface that enhances user experience and contains a variety of content. You can download music, games, and other stuff absolutely free with this app.

● TweakBox - This app downloader’s community works by its users sharing IPA (iOS App Storage Package) files of iOS apps. The community of TweakBox is very active and they share thousands of apps on a daily basis. They have a vast range of modified and tweaked apps and their ++ versions like Spotify++, WhatsApp++, Snapchat++, etc. They also have games like GTA and Minecraft, all for free. You would find almost everything that you want here, from screen recorders to streaming apps and game emulators. It is a safe and user-friendly app to download unofficial content for iOS without having to jailbreak your device. The aesthetics of this app are very convenient with the apps divided into different categories.

● AppValley - This is a relatively new app store and has a decent number of hacked and cracked versions of apps and games. There is a massive amount of music, themes, and software available on this app. With its easy-to-use user interface, you can easily browse the different categories to find the mod of your favorite app and download it for free. It allows you to download apps from its app store directly on your device within a few seconds. The paid apps and games on regular app stores are available here for free.

● TweakDoor - An excellent alternative to TutuApp, this app provides modified versions, tweaks, and many games. It can be downloaded for free. You do not need an Apple ID or jailbreak your device to use this app store. The developers of this app are constantly releasing updated versions of this store with bug fixes, new content, and improvements. The apps that you download from this store take up very little memory or space on your iOS device. Inside these user-friendly apps, you will find a host of stock apps that are tweaked with new features, themes, game emulators, games that are modified with new features, and the list goes on.

● Panda Helper - With free and premium versions of various apps available, Panda Helper is another cool Chinese app store that serves as a great alternative to TutuApp. It is safe to use and offers tons of mod games like Pokemon Go, Last day on earth, Minecraft PE, Whatsapp++, GTA, Youtube++, and a lot more. It also has a wide selection of tweaks that include popular game emulators, streaming apps, and screen recorders. It is compatible with new and older versions of iOS so that’s a bonus. With a one-time low payment, you could get the premium version that is more stable with a lot more content and faster download speeds. This app store is supported on the Android platform as well.

● AppAddict - As the name goes, this app store is surely for the app addict in you. A great place to download hacked and cracked apps without paying a penny,


There are many 3rd party app stores that work similar to TutuApp and we have provided you the cream from that list. All of these apps are free to use and offer the same ease and simplicity as you have found in TutuApp.

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