You are here because of the dilemma you are facing to buy TV or Projector. TV and projector have differences and anyone can be favorite to be in your home based on your decision criteria. Whether you will buy a TV or a projector entirely depends on some factors like your taste, preferences, room size, cost constraints etc. By scrolling through this, you can decide what to buy. If you go for projector, you can find more projector reviews on Let’s get started!

1. Cost:

Both Television and projector has a sizable cost. In that perspective, what matters most is the size and quality of them. In some cases, you have to pay more for buying TV than the projector if you are willing to buy large screen TV and smart TV.

If you want to buy flat screen TV, you have to incur additional costs like installation cost. In case of projector, you have to pay more to have excellent picture quality and large display. If the projector has not come with built in audio system, you have to incur that cost too. Beside that you need to change the lamp after a time period. So, I prefer to recommend you to buy projector than TV with this regard.

2. Sound quality:

If you think of the sound quality, you will find TV as the best choice for you. The reason is that TV has built in audio speaker and no extra speaker is needed to enjoy the entertainment session smoothly. Whereas, you need to buy additional speaker, like Bluetooth speaker or wired, in order to get best movie session. Besides, the speaker needs some space.

It is not still guaranteed that you can enjoy the videos in case of projectors because of the placement of the speaker. The speaker has to be located in a better place. So, clearly you will find TV as the winner with regard to the audio and sound quality.

3. Display size:

With regard to the screen size, projectors offer you with larger display than the TV. However, now-a-days Television comes with larger display than before but at a higher cost than that of projector.

If you want your home to turn into theater room, of course projector is the best choice for you. Large TV takes good amount of space. So, clearly the winner is projector here.

4. Installation:

Projector is small in size than that of TV. Television installation is not a difficult task if it is not a flat screen LED TV. If your TV is flat screen TV and you want to fit your TV with wall, you need to perform some installation work. Otherwise, it is not a tough job. That’s all for TV.

With regard to the projector, you need to measure the size of the screen at first, then you need to take care of the cable very seriously because it can cause accident, then you need to mount the projector with the ceiling. You may have to search videos or instructions in internet in order to do these jobs efficiently. So, in total, TV is the winner in the light of installation.

5. Durability:

Durability depends on your care, product materials, usage of the products, utility supply etc. You will find a minimum lifespan of projector and television while purchasing the product. If you take care of your product, it will provide you long term service. If your projector is fitted in a permanent location, it does not need frequent movement.

In that case, it is okay. But if your projector has no permanent position and you move it here and there, it can be damaged over time. Besides, the materials like lamp does not have lifetime warranty. You need to change lamp periodically. But the projector except the lamp has a long term lifetime.

In case of TV, you need to take care of everything like usage, electricity supply rate, and materials. It does not have materials like lamp. In total. It is better to go for projector.

6. Space:

Projector is normally smaller than television. So, it takes less space. In case of projectors, you can mount the projector in the ceiling. You can fit the screen with the wall. Besides that, many people use white color in the wall in order to avoid fitting extra screen. On the other hand, you can attach the television with the wall. But many people do not do this sort of thing and they therefore locate their TV on a stand.

So, you may need more space for TV. However, now-a-days televisions are coming in thinner version than before so it is possible for the people to save space. There is another factor that affects the decision with in this regard that is the size of your room. If you own a large room, projector is suitable for you. But if you own a small one, you can prefer TV.

7. Eye catching ability and accuracy of color and brightness:

Whatever you are looking for, it must be eye catching. Most of the people look for projector because of its larger screen size than TV. Projectors also provide you better viewing experience.

However, you must think of your eyes. People think that larger screen hurts the eyes but it’s not so. Larger screen fills larger size of the visual field of a person. Besides that, larger screen relaxes your eyes. So, projector has the better eye catching ability.

The accuracy of color and brightness depends on various factors like screen quality, painting of the wall etc. If your screen is pure white, it will provide the highest possible accuracy. On the other hand, the accuracy of the TV is as the input that is given to them.

It differs based on what your using like whether you are using cable or DVD player. That accuracy of color and brightness will diminish throughout the lifetime. So, the winner is projector in this regard.

So, I think you are no more in dilemma. Enjoy with your preferred one. Good luck!

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.