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In our materialistic culture, happiness is often regarded as something we have to work hard for in order to attain it. Generally speaking, people seek happiness outside of themselves, in a job, in a good salary, in material goods, in a personal relationship, in a relationship with God, which is imagined as separate from oneself. Outer success and the fulfillment of desires naturally make us happy, but the opposite is also true: when we are happy inside, outer achievements come to us much easier.

So the question remains: what exactly is happiness? Where can we find it? How can we stabilize it?
According to the Vedic wisdom of ancient India, happiness is an inherent quality of consciousness as such. This viewpoint, however, is not restricted to the Vedic seers of ancient India. It actually is the essence of all wisdom-teachings all over the world. Our desire for lasting happiness is fulfilled only when we develop a state of awareness, in which an inner happiness is experienced, that does not depend on outer circumstances. The founders of all religions and traditions of wisdom have always emphasized this natural fact.

One of these wisdom-traditions is formed by astrology, which happens to be the oldest science of humankind. Apart form the age-old misunderstandings and widespread misuse of this holistic science, astrology offers deep knowledge about human psychology and provides us with deep insights about how we can enhance our state of happiness. How can astrology help us in increasing our happiness? The archetypical qualities of the zodiacal signs show us the way to some necessary inner trans-formations that we are to undergo if we wish to find lasting happiness inside our selves! Astrology shows us the way to self-knowledge and self-realization. And since our true Self is by nature blissful, astrology can be used as a guiding light for attaining lasting happiness and inner fulfillment.

Among other things, Self-realization means, that we are happy ‘without a cause’. It means that we experience happiness as an inherent quality of our own state of awareness. Self-realization is just another word for psychological maturity. Psychological maturity implies that we have become aware of the unbounded, cosmic nature of (our) consciousness. In other words, we recognize (our) consciousness to be the essence of the entire creation! It is for this reason that many wisdom-traditions refer to this self-realized state, as the state of ‘cosmic consciousness’. Consciousness as such happens to be cosmic, omnipresent and all-inclusive. The twelve signs of the cosmic zodiac are to be under-stood as twelve basic aspects of the cosmic nature of consciousness. By becoming cosmically aware, we spontaneously recognize the twelve signs of the zodiac to be the twelve basic aspects of our unbounded Self. At the same time, we recognize the transcendental happiness as an inherent quality of our own awareness. Cosmic simply means ‘all encompassing’: our awareness encompasses the eternal silence of inner bliss-consciousness while it experiences the outer, active phases of life.

As we all know, consciousness is the source of our thoughts and feelings. It is the source of all creativity and intelligence that we express in daily living. Consciousness therefore is to be regarded as a field of all possibilities. Consciousness as such is not only blissful, it is also free, unbounded, peaceful, eternal, absolute, loving and wise (actually, it is all-loving and all-knowing). These wonderful qualities and more can be experienced by every human being as inherent qualities of his own consciousness! We only have to become aware of the source of our thoughts, and we experience the true, unbounded and blissful nature of consciousness as such. Happiness, freedom, peace, love and wisdom don’t have to be painstakingly learnt from the outside; they automatically show up as the built-in qualities of our true Self, our state of cosmic consciousness.

In the light of this new Paradigm of Life, in which consciousness is seen as the source of creation, we are able to understand the real meaning of the signs of the zodiac. The twelve signs of the zo-diac simply represent the twelve basic aspects of consciousness such. Consciousness by nature is blissful. Thus, by becoming aware of consciousness as such, we automatically discover in ourselves twelve cosmic ways to an inherent, built-in sense of happiness.
Thus, in the ultimate analysis, the twelve signs of the zodiac are the twelve archetypical ways to lasting happiness. They can be described as follows:

Aries: The true Self is the source of the ego. When, by regular meditation, we experience the source of our ego, we automatically become aware of our eternal, immortal and blissful Self.
Taurus: When we attune our daily routines of living to the daily, monthly and yearly cosmic cycles of Mother Nature, we automatically enliven and stabilize our cosmic and blissful inner Self.
Gemini: As soon as we understand happiness as an inherent quality of our own consciousness, the inner happiness starts to radiate from within. In this way, we can use the intellect to become happy.
Cancer: By dissolving our stresses and by getting rid of old emotional burdens, we feel that we are coming home to our real Self. In this way, we use our feelings and intuition to become happy.
Leo: When we learn to discriminate childish patterns of experience from psychologically mature pat-terns of experience, we learn to manage our emotions, and become psychologically mature.
Virgo: When we subject our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds to an objective evaluation and analy-sis, we become the peaceful and blissful witness of our own personality, established in the true Self.
Libra: When we attune ourselves to the thoughts, feelings and needs of our fellow human beings, we learn to recognize the universal nature of all human beings, and realize our common, universal Self. Scorpio: When we undergo the natural and unavoidable process of a psychological rebirth, we are ‚born again’ in Spirit, and thus become psychologically mature, self-conscious human beings.
Sagittarius: When we allow ourselves to be guided by our inborn high ideals, our true, divine Self is activated. Thus, we function more and more from the level of our eternal, universal and blissful Self.
Capricorn: When we cultivate our ability to be honest and reliable, by keeping word and taking full responsibility for our own life, we become psychologically mature, Self-realized human beings.
Aquarius: When we cultivate our ability to think, feel, speak and act in a self-referral way, we be-come integrated, capable and self-actualized human beings, and our unique personality blossoms.
Pisces: When we learn to let go, and develop trust in Life, in Love and in the karmic Law of Universal Justice, we internally sense the Oneness of creation, and experience true freedom in life.

Every one of these ways to Self-realization is permanently open and available to us. Every day we can make a little progress on all of these ways. Every step that we take on these cosmic avenues brings us nearer to the goal of our lives: being firmly established in a lasting, inner sense of happiness. As soon as we enjoy the taste of inner bliss, we spontaneously radiate happiness on the outside. In this way, love is manifested in the world. Love is nothing other than shared happiness! The expansion of happiness is the purpose of creation. What a great Luck, that that our true Self is an ocean of happiness – In ancient Vedic terms: an ocean of Sat, Chit, Ananda (Absolute Bliss Consciousness)! By simply being ourselves in all circumstances, grounded in inner bliss, we are optimally happy in all circumstances. And, as if this is not enough, in this way we spontaneously contribute to the happiness of all our fellow living beings!

When we come to know this cosmic secret of life, and we gain insight in the cosmic plan, that wishes to bring all of us to an inner state of lasting fulfillment, we allow ourselves to flow with the cosmic flow of life. In this way, we spontaneously grow into higher states of consciousness, far beyond the limitations of the normal waking state. We human beings are not meant to remain stuck in the three relative states of consciousness of sleeping, dreaming and waking. We are born to realize our true Self. We are born to become cosmically aware human beings. Life itself stimulates us all the time to become aware of the cosmic Essence of Life, and thus feel essentially One with all of creation. Life quietly demands from each of us, that we become true human beings, aware of our cosmic essence, in which we know ourselves to be united with all our fellow human beings and with all our fellow animals and plants.

The realization of the cosmic, blissful Self, is the built-in goal of every life-form. Let us make use of this natural tendency. Let us stop fighting against this natural tendency of life, and let us become aware of the all-encompassing Harmony that wants to express itself in everything and in everybody!

© Drs. Frans Langenkamp Ph.D. Cultural anthropologist, Vedic astrologer and Vedanta-expert.
Christmas 2011. www.selfrealisation.net. franslangenkamp@freeler.nl

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Frans Langenkamp Lives in the Netherlands and in Germany. He is an independent teacher and coach, author and speaker.