You asked for it, you got it Trump 2016
I have been a political junkie for more than twenty years. Some years I knew every congressional race in every important district, in every state. I’m not there anymore; I’m mainly on the sidelines. Though I do still sit on committee’s and vet candidates for our purposes in my home state.
I was a lifelong Republican, Conservative. Now, I don’t even recognize that party. What the leadership is doing during this primary cycle only reveals to me that there really is no difference between the “establishment” Republicans and the “establishment” Democrats. The Bushes and Clintons are in bed with each other (again) and big, happy ruling caste. In case you forgot the agenda of Bush one, we are headlong into that 1000 points of light and very near a one world Government.
Enter the candidates for President 2016. Hillary and Bernie, Kasich, Cruz and the horror of the Washington DC power class: Donald J. Trump.
When was the last time you saw one name draw so much reaction, vitriol, support and passion?
He has been a polarizing figure this cycle, continually gaining ground despite the open, barbaric attacks by the left, the media and his own party? If Jeb Bush would have had this much support he would have already been crowned the nominee! Now we are hearing about “brokered conventions” what they really mean is a contested convention. What we are saying as a party disgusts me. Why are we turning our back on the Reagan democrats? All the new people coming into the party? If we were to listen to Mitt Romney we should turn away and send them packing. I am no longer a card carrying Republican. I am an Independent. I did vote Republican in the Michigan Primary and I voted for Trump. We have given the Republican leadership everything it has asked for and the leadership has abandoned us. It’s time for the lake to turn over, the leadership to be ejected.
I voted for Trump and you should too and here are 20 reasons why:
1.) We deserve Trump. In the age of reality TV, the Kardashians, 24 hour TV sports, the opiated American male, the highly conditioned and vapid female Trump is what we understand and have created.
2.) The border is important. For those of you who haven’t walked the border (I have in CA, NM, AZ and TX). It IS a wide open sieve. What comes over that border besides the people that pick our blueberries? Heroin, ISIS, disease, dirty nuclear bombs, you name it can make it over. Why is Trump the only candidate that Border Patrol personnel supporting? It’s important we slow that down and control that.
3.) The Fed. Who besides Bernie and Trump are going to take a hard look at the FED.? $ 19 Trillion in “debt” a propped up stock market, a rotating Dow and S&P 500, DERIVATIVES? Trillions in derivatives? Our financial system is in a very precarious position and I for one am for having the FED audited.
4.) Reversal of NAFTA and back to individual trade agreements. I was taken in by NAFTA, CAFTA etc. I supported it. I did NOT believe Ross Perot. I do see his predictions were correct. I can hear that giant sucking sound of American jobs leaving the US.
5.) Regulation of Banking and Wall Street.
6.) Address Corporate Inversion. No other candidate will touch this.
7.) Gut the EPA and reduce defense budgets.
8.) Kill Common core. Common core dumbs down our society. Period.
9.) Comprehensive education instead of limiting subjects. (Apr 2010)
Teach citizenship; stop “dumbing down”. End “creative spelling,” “estimating,” & “empowerment
10.) Supports Animal rights, keep animals out of the circus etc.
11.) National protectionism. Great stirring of national pride, unapologetic American.
12.) End super PACS. Destroying our already corrupt voting system.
13.) Protective of the 2nd amendment. Mass shootings are a mental health issue not a gun issue.
14.) Replace Obamacare with Health Savings Accounts.
15.) Insurance companies own politicians and deductibles are so high Obama care is useless.
16.) Won’t cut Medicare; grow the corporation to save it.
17.) Address radical Muslims; bring back water boarding and other useful methods.
18.) Don’t raise minimum wage, it always kills jobs. Create more opportunity by incentivizing business.
19.) Donald will shake up the established class of Washington leaches, consultants, reporters’ class and career lobbyists. It could render them effectively useless.
20.) Trump can beat Clinton in the General Election.
21.) Bonus: The Establishment hates him!

Trump can re-establish some relevance to the Presidency.

Author's Bio: 

James Maioho is Author of Winners Give Up! and founder of Earth for Life products and Cell Fighter 6