One of the major reasons for the massive movement of companies to Twitter is the benefit of achieving enhanced business relationships. You can become very close to your business partners as well as customers by using Twitter regularly – with the end result of increased sales and business activities. So, Twitter is one of the best online business marketing tools that you can take advantage of.

Building business relationships with twitter, why is it needful?

  • You don’t pay anything for it
  • It is highly possible that your target audience members are Twitter users
  • Your competitors are also most likely to be on Twitter platform
  • It helps you achieve increased online visibility
  • Other benefits such as better reputation management and more traffic

However, you must know what to do and what not to do when using Twitter to build business relationships.

The Do’s

Identifying your audience

Some of the things you have to do include indentifying who your actual audience is, and direct all your effort towards connecting with them at the spots they congregate online. So, determine whether you want to communicate with your customers, people within a particular industry or those within your niche or industry.

Interact with your followers always

Being an absentee Twitter user is not helpful – create quality time to interact with those that are following you on Twitter (this technique is also applicable to all social media platforms). There are several ways you can initiate interaction with your followers - contests and polls are among the effective techniques for this purpose.

Pay attention to people

Don’t do all the talking, also pay attention to what others are saying or doing. Take time to read through your Twitter feed to know what your connections are saying so that you can respond accordingly. One of the benefits of being a good listener is that you would discover who your target audience really is. Also, being a good listener can provide you insightful ideas for making the best business decisions.

The Don’ts

Follow with caution

The number of people following you on Twitter or any social media platform is not a true measure of social media marketing success. So, don’t go gaga with ‘following’, you may not be able to build meaningful relationship if you follow too many people. Follow people minimally and stay focused.

Don’t be impersonal

A lot of companies on Twitter platform sound so corporate; this does not augur well with relationship building on social media platforms. Instead, you will end up boring your connections with your bland talks. You need to substantially incorporate personal touch with your connections in order to keep them as long as possible.

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