‘Twitter Lite’ Version Launched In 24 New Countries
In April, Twitter launched Twitter Lite, a brand new mobile web experience which reduces data utilization, loads faster on slower connections, and is much more flexible on mobile networks that are unreliable. Since that time we have seen a rise in participation, for instance, Tweets delivered from Twitter Lite have improved greater than 50%.”

One region where Twitter Lite saw major response was in the Philippines. Back in September Twitter encouraged the application in the area, and saw major response which was significant, considering South East Asia is a significant growth region for the Facebook.

Now around with 330 million clients and seeking additional expansion wherever possible, 80 percent of Twitter’s complete user base is based outside the US. Providing more alternatives for clients in these regions can only help them to further solidify the application in more communities, and improves its utilization all around.

Back in April Twitter first launched their hottest, data-efficient version of Lite, which comprises a variety of new features, like a dedicated ‘Data Saver’ mode and alternatives on which video clips and images to load.

Facebook is already working on this, adding a range of new tools to offer ways for businesses to connect into global markets. But the actual winning blow will be modernized currency transactions and tools to better make possible payment. Facebook’s working on this too, although it’s less of a consideration for Twitter at this phase, as growth is their main priority in reaching new markets.

It will be exciting to see just how significant that global growth turns out to be. Snapchat, for example, has future not fixed on developing a marketplace, instead, it is looking to show up its reach to local audience subsets, and prove that they can be extremely important. Having a billion clients is important for brands if those billion customers are people who may possibly turn out to be a contributor to their bottom line.

If Snapchat can transform the marketplace narrative, maybe they would re-focus the attention onto their strengths. But it’s tough to deny that improving overall usage counts would likely be more useful.

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