An African safari holiday is an experience like no other. The continent is vast and ancient, and it stretches from its most northern parts in Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs, all the way to its most southern parts in Cape Town South Africa. Visitors to this continent are sure to be thrilled by the abundant and diverse animals that roam this beautiful place. When guests leave Africa, they leave with a new appreciation of nature and their own place within nature. Many guests have explained how their holiday in Africa was a special experience that satisfied a primitive longing to “return home”. The intimate experiences amongst Africa’s wildlife are unforgettable. This article shall briefly describe two dangerous herbivores that guests are sure to see when they go on an African safari holiday. These two animals are the African elephant and the Cape buffalo.

The African elephant is the biggest land mammal on earth. They are majestic animals that are highly intelligent. They say an elephant never forgets. They have excellent memories and they can remember, in detail, paths that they used decades ago. Elephants live in very complex family herds consisting most of young elephants and females. These herds are headed by a female known as the matriarch. Adult male elephants prefer to wonder in solitude or small bachelor groups. Male elephants are especially dangerous during mating season when their bodies are flooded with testosterone. This makes them highly dangerous and unpredictable. Guests are sure to be entertained when they see these amazing animals during an African safari.

The Cape buffalo is another fascinating animal to observe during a safari. Similarly to the African elephant, these animals live in large herds. They move in a formation where the vulnerable young calves are in the middle of the herd, while the bigger stronger buffalo move at the edge or the herd. Calves travel safely within an impenetrable mass of muscle provided by the buffalo bulls. These animals are highly dangerous and are extremely short tempered. In Africa, few animals are as dangerous as a wounded buffalo. Guests should be extra cautious when they are in close proximity to these great beast when enjoying African safaris.

In conclusion, guests should go on an African safari. In Africa visitors will be amongst great herbivores such as the Cape buffalo and the African elephant. Guests are sure to return home refreshed a rejuvenated. African safari packages are truly a special way to enjoy a holiday.

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