In business, there’s the 80/20 Rule--80% of profits come from 20% of customers.
In geopolitical events, 80% of what’s happening comes from 20% behind the scenes. After a 20 minute discussion with a former FEMA officer, I felt he was among 80% of the good guys.

With Catholics, 80% are good Christians, doing the best they know, while 20% like leaders, secret societies, CIA & Pentagon (which had $2.3 trillion untraced funds announced the evening before 9-11) They’re responsible for 80% of what’s happening.
This also explains the border issues. A couple that moved to Montana was asked why? They said, “Because the priest told us to.” There you have the fulfillment of what Daniel 11:40 says will occur “at the time of the end.”

Historically, the king of the north was Babylon in Ezek 26:7, but it’s no longer about a city in Iraq. In end-times, Babylon is the city of 7 hills with many clues that only fit Rome in Revelation 17, especially verses 2,5,9 where it is named “Babylon.”
This is not ‘hate speech’ (while we still have freedom to speak), because 80% of Catholics are innocent of the strategies Rome employs to regain its lost supremacy when they had to the power to persecute heretics like at Notre Dame, a shadow of what may be coming, Rev 17:16. People think it couldn’t happen in our enlightened age…

What about Rwanda? “There were so many UN vehicles on the streets of Kigali, that if you spit, you’d hit one.” But when the genocide began against Protestant Tutsis, the UN was ordered to “stand out” and let the local (Catholic) government handle it, thanks to John Paul’s input. He later said, ”sorry” after nearly a million Protestants were killed.

New World Order will be worse than the Old World Order, but it’s the image ‘beast’ or (government) that Revelation 13 shows will compel all to false worship in verses 14-18, and if you want to know what the 666 is, Google pope’s title, 666. It’s the sum of Roman numerals in VICARIUS FILII DEI, Wikipedia.

So how is FEMA also with two faces (or factions). 80% may be honest Americans doing what they can to serve other Americans, not seeing what the other 20% are doing, like the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center. 1000 engineers signed a statement that there is no way that diesel fuel could melt the steel beams supporting the building.

And how did it get coordinated on the morning after Rumsfeld (Catholic) announced $2.3 trillion missing? And how did an airliner hijacked by an Arab trained on a Cessna manage to hit the accounting department of the Pentagon so no tracing could be done?
Everyone ought to know that there is a war for world supremacy that the pope will win for a short time as he rides the beast (government) of New World Order in Rev 17:3, and America’s freedoms and greatness is the first to go as the king of the north (papacy) “overflows” the king of the south (US).

It’s been happening for decades since Reagan took a bullet and agreed to appoint an ambassador to the Vatican and open our southern border.
Historically, Egypt was the king of the south. They killed babies (Exod 1) and enslaved Israel. The US has enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco, drugs & negative lifestyles

God is going to execute judgment on the US as He did Egypt. He won’t do anything without revealing it (Amos 3:7) and when they say ‘Peace & safety’ sudden destruction comes” 1Thess 5:2,3.
Trump’s Peace Plan will be announced May 15, six days before Christ’s 9-11 clues support judgment for the US “as the days of Noah” when the Flood came with Passover timing, but in the 2nd spring month as in 9-11 (Numbers 9:10,11)

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Dr. Richard Ruhling writes on current events and Bible prophecy with books on Amazon