Next to kicking back and watching sports on TV, masturbation is probably the activity that men most like to do when alone; overindulgence can occasionally lead to a sore penis, but it's a small price to pay for the pleasure one derives from the activity. Surprisingly, most men tend to engage in a one-handed form of masturbation, despite the ready availability of a second hand for most people. Experimenting with a two-fisted approach may be a welcome change of pace for some men and will not have an impact on their overall penis health.

Is it laziness?

Granted, a one-handed approach is more common because it's easier, it's convenient and it's what most men are accustomed to. A good self-pleasuring session should be enjoyable. But sometimes that enjoyment is increased by adding in a little extra effort. Taking the trouble to wrap two hands around a tool, rather than one, can add to the experience.


Knowing how to use two hands while engaging in a stroking session doesn't take the brains of a genius. But it doesn't hurt to go through the basic methods, just to be sure everyone is on the same page here.

  • Standard . This is the two-fisted method that most men would gravitate to. The male wraps one hand around the base of the penis and the other just above it on the shaft. Unless the man is a particularly well-endowed shower, it's probably best to wait until the penis is erect to try this; otherwise, there probably isn't enough shaft to make it work. When ready, the man either moves his hands rhythmically up and down along the penis or holds his hands still and moves his hips, taking advantage of the hand tunnel that he has created.
  • Squeeze play. This is a simple and enjoyable variation on the standard. The same method of wrapping both fists around an erect penis is employed; however, instead of sliding the fists up and down (or the penis in and out), the man holds the fists in place and squeezes and releases the penis. This can be done quickly or slowly, with whatever degree of tightness is desired; most men will want to vary both the speed and the tightness. Those who are more physically adept may want to try alternating the squeezes - have the top fist squeeze while the bottom fist is "loose," then vice versa - or alternate how fast or how tight each fist squeezes - perhaps have the top fist, around the glans, squeeze tight and fast, while the bottom squeezes slowly and more loosely.
  • Back and forth fun . For this version, the man uses both fists but not at the same time. A vigorous stroke up (or down) the shaft by one hand is followed immediately by a vigorous stroke up (or down) the shaft by the other hand. Speed and tightness can be varied as desired. The sensation caused by the alternating grips can be surprisingly exciting.
  • Aladdin's lamp. Most men masturbate using fist action; this method is palm-based. Its name comes from the fact that one is rubbing one's penis to call forth an orgasm in the same way that Aladdin rubbed his lamp to call forth a genie. After achieving an erection, the man places one palm on one side of the glans and one palm on the other; the palms should be stiff and held out straight. The man then moves one hand forward and one hand back, then reverses the process, and keeps repeating; by concentrating on the glans, this action can bring about an intense orgasm.

There are other variations, of course, and a man can spend hours experimenting with them. If he does, of course, his penis is going to get a bit sore. Penile soreness through overuse is best attended to through the use of a first rate penis vitamin formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). The ingredients of the cream should definitely list vitamin E and a welcome emollient such as shea butter, in order to provide the kind of soothing comfort that an overworked (if contented) penis needs. It also helps to use a cream with acetyl L carnitine, which can help restore any sensitivity that may have been lost during an overaggressive workout.

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