If you want to lose weight, you have to ensure that you take a good diet. However, most people assume that as long as they consume more healthy foods, they can take whatever junk foods they want at the other end and still expect to lose weight. These people cannot be more erroneous. Here are three of the absolutely worst foods and drinks to take if you wish to lose weight.

The first food will be potato chips, or any form of crisps. Carbohydrates need not necessarily be bad for your weight loss goals, contrary to popular belief. However, there are two types of carbohydrates, namely good and bad. Crisps fall into the bad side. On top of the bad carbohydrate content, they are deep fried in fats like trans fats. Trans fats are basically fats which will never ever be lost from your body no matter what you do. Also, they do not contain fiber, thus you will not feel full from eating them. The flavors added to them also make them addictive, and all these will make you eat more of them! However, they will only serve to make you fat.

Most people think that margarine is a healthy alternative to butter, and therefore, after margarine was created, many people started taking more margarine! However, it is still officially classed as a non-food. Margarine actually contains many ingredients similar to paint and plastic. In fact, it is filled with artificial fats and is one of the most chemically altered products out there. Eating margarine will also increase the levels of bad cholesterol within our bodies. To put it simply, do not take margarine.

Finally, beer is also very bad for you if fat loss is your goal. You may think that binge drinking on beer once in awhile is perfectly fine and will not harm you much. I have friends who look fit in clothes, but have a fat belly when they take off their clothes. This is because they drink great amounts of beer. The term beer belly is so because beer indeed gives you a belly. Each time you consume alcohol, the liver will start burning the alcohol instead of your body fats, thus drinking beer is bad for fat loss purposes. Many people pick up the habit of drinking beer once they enter their late teenage years, and that is actually a direct highway to obesity in the future.

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