Relationship is not completely gone when his better half call it quits, that is according to most men. Regaining a broken relationship is never easy but when the right time come, it becomes easy. You must be interested in finding out how to win her back if you are in this situation. Rest assured that you are not alone. Every thing that is unethical is what they are trying to concentrate. That explains why a number of men cannot figure it out perfectly.

When you are unattainable for a while, it does not guarantee that the case is resolve.

It really bothered me that most counsels and signposts in this subject recommends that you should disappear for a moment, then, reappear anew and pretend as if everything has been cleared instantly from your inexistence. The dumb idea behind this theory is that when you leave her alone for some time, your ex girlfriend will get all lonely and realize that she can’t live without you. You may just come back, act like a jerk like you always do, and she will jump right to your arms.

The truth is, no matter how long you left her alone and no matter how much she actually missed you during your absence, you can’t win her heart for the second time if you stay oblivious to the actual matter. Why did the breakup occur? Blatantly, the sole reason is that you have tons of arguments. When you are eager to restore the relationship destroyed by circumstance, then, better perform the first move in creating negotiation on your part.

What she actually wants from you? Are there any of your behaviors or attitude that always irritates her? Did you take care of her needs? Did you listen to her problems? Did you adjudicate her in a gentle manner in terms of her fragility and affairs that she does not stand out?

If you show up after a long “disappearance” and keep being the “old you”, she won’t want you back because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. However, if you come to her and show her that you already changed and ready to make any necessary compromise in order to make the relationship works again, she’ll get a lot to consider tonight and you might have your second chance.

The strategy of utilizing enviousness would not succeed.

The second mistake that I noticed a lot is many guys get another girlfriend immediately and show his new partner to his ex girlfriend to make her jealous.
To let her acknowledge that she has still affection with him, he has to propel her to the extreme, then he can just utter that I am still madly in love with you as of this time plus the entire BS he set previously. Of course, the next phase of the plan is dumping his current girlfriend and claims the prize (his ex’s love).

Terrific is it? Well, most of the time, this tactic will get you to one of these scenarios:

- She’s working to get a new boyfriend right away and both of you end up being in a miserable relationship for the sake of pride
- She hates you even more for getting over her so easily
- Thank you Lord that dumb ass found another woman already that is what she thinks. Maybe this time he’ll stop bugging me.”

Refrain using jealousy as your strategy, it would not get you anything.

So, how to get your ex girlfriend to want you back? Focus to solve the issue on your side and do not waste your time for a quick fix, it does not help. Next step is you have to restart your relationship again, know how to compromise and show her that you grow and that you learn from your past mistakes. If she still has feelings left for you, there is huge chance that you’ll get your second chance.

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