There is great potential within you!

Yet so many prefer to live only ordinary lives; to live as if each day has no importance and each year can pass without anything significant happening.

Why are so many so content to live lives of quiet desperation? Two reasons:

Why do so many people live lives of quiet desperation?

First of all, most people do not actively seek meaning in life. They are content to let life happen to them rather than take the effort to make something meaningful out of each day or week or month.

Significance comes only to those who seek it and seeking meaning takes effort.

Second, most people are self-centered and interested only in satisfying their own personal wants and needs. That’s how they miss discovering their own personal usefulness. They think the world owes them a living. They want to be served rather than serve and are content being takers rather than givers or spectators rather than participants.

But not you! You want more from life. You want to fulfill your destiny. You want to be that someone special you know God has created you to be.

So what to do?

Start today to ask the really important questions about life. Cease to deal in the mundane and uninteresting events and ideas and look within your own heart and soul for more.

Demand answers to questions like this:

  • What do I love?
  • What do I feel passionate about?
  • What makes me cry, or laugh, or frown?
  • What do I do well?
  • What have I done that makes me happy?
  • What problem can I solve; what need can I meet; what hurt can I heal?

These questions will start your search for your destiny and launch you into a life of meaning and purpose. Your monotonous days will become exciting, your energy will increase, and your intelligence will expand all because you asked and found answers to the right questions.

Remember this: You were no accident. You are not the descendant of an ape nor will you one day return to earth as a butterfly, a Billy goat, or a British Lord or Lady.

You are here at a specific time living in a specific place with a specific mission to accomplish.

Your life has meaning.

You are here for a reason.

You already know this is true, don’t you.

For a long time, deep inside the depths of your soul, you have had a sense of eternity, an awareness of destiny, a feeling that your life really does matter, that you really are somebody very unique in the 10,000 year history of humankind.

Guess what? Modern science agrees with you! With the discovery of the complexity of DNA, scientists consistently give testimony in courts declaring that an individual’s DNA, you’re DNA, is absolute evidence of each person’s unique identity.

Discover your purpose for living and there will be no more sad reasons for living a boring and insignificant life.

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Dr. Ron Ross (B.A., M.Div., D.Th.), author/speaker/publisher.For more from Dr. Ross please visit his site: