There are many ways to write a blog post that will attract clients, but I’m going to share two methods that are used most often.


With this method of writing blog posts, the title is written first. This sets the tone for the post and provides the overall idea. Some writers are very organized in their thinking from the beginning and will get it on paper in an orderly fashion.

1. Write the Title. People think about what they want to write and give it a title to start. Often they come up with a bunch of options and then select the one that seems most likely to attract clients.

2. Outline the Main Points. Next, quickly jot down the main points you plan to make and any related supporting points. Make sure these points are in logical order.

3. Write the Post. The last step is to write the post, putting the “meat on the bones” of your idea. Good content is still king on the web.


Derek and I tend to have a more “free-flowing” approach to article writing. I might not know what the headline should be right away, but I start with an idea to see where it goes. This approach works very well for me.

1. Get Your Thoughts Down. When I first start writing an article, I just want to get my thoughts into a document. I’m in the flow of the idea and don’t worry about the headline or anything else at this point.

2. Read it Over. When I’m done writing, I read through the post again. This is when the gist of the article becomes clear and what I am trying to say solidifies for me. I also do any needed editing at this stage.

3. Write the Headline. For me, it’s easier to write a good headline after I finish writing the post. I will get creative and find an interesting way to write a title that is compelling so it will attract clients.

Regardless of which method you use, your headline is what attracts people to your post online. I strive to create a headline that is catchy and kind of juicy to get people’s attention. I want them to think, “Wow, that’s interesting to me. I want to read that.”

The headline captures the attention of people in their search results. But, the content shares your brilliance and knowledge. This helps prospects get to know, like, and trust you so they want to follow you and become part of your community.

Your Assignment:
If you tend to write one way, it can be a valuable experiment to try another approach. You never know what might work better than what you are currently doing. The free-flowing approach gives you the opportunity to explore topics even though you aren’t exactly sure what you want to say.

Another great exercise is to write 20 headlines for the same topic to get your creative juices flowing. You can pick the best one or you can write a series of posts with different headlines, finding a unique angle for each one.

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