Did your girlfriend end the relationship and you want her back in her life? Do you keep on thinking about her and losing sleep because of it? Break ups can be incredibly chaotic to a person emotionally. If you want to find out how to get a girl to want you back then scroll down further.

How to Get a Girl to Want you Back: Applying the No Contact Rule

Make use of the no contact rule right after you break up. As the name suggests, stopping all forms of contact with your ex is the main goal of the no contact rule. I know that your instinct is telling you to contact her and convince her to get back together but that would do more harm than good.

You're scared that not contacting her now would mean losing her forever. However, calling her, texting or messaging her in any way would only push her out of your life. When you try to contact her, you are basically predicting how she feels. What you should know is that no matter how hard you push, you can't really "convince" her and ultimately would only alienate her more.

Has anyone ever told you what you're supposed to think or feel? It would only push her away from you as the feeling is not exactly heart-warming.

How to Get a Girl to Want you Back: Improving yourself would Really Help

While on the no contact rule, you must try on improving yourself further. This would shift your focus from needing her to wanting her. What you must know is that "wanting" a person is very different from "needing" them. Needing your ex means that you rely on them for your happiness. When you want your ex, you exude self-esteem and confidence.

Even without her in your life, you know that you can move on and live your life. Right now, your goal is to improve aspects of your life as much as possible. Try doing things that could improve your life like new career goals, self-image or even honing your skills. If you want to learn how to get a girl to want you back, then you must pay attention to your personal life.

You can contact her again once the no contact term is over and you have improved significantly. Try inviting her out for a casual coffee or snack to catch up. Don't aim for a romantic dinner meeting as your goal here is to treat it as a new relationship. You wouldn't aim for a romantic dinner during the first date, right? During the first date, your aim is to get to know a person better.

Hence, get to know your girlfriend again because essentially, this is a NEW relationship. So if you want to know how to get a girl to want you back, you will need the no contact rule, aim to improve and treat the relationship as an entirely new one.

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