Everyone can agree that a holiday away from ones usual routine is a very important part of enjoying a high quality of life. It is an important way to get press the reset button and refresh yourself. There are plenty of wonderful destinations where guests can enjoy a vacation. This article will, however, describe two very different types of holiday options that are sure to have a guest feeling refreshed and happy after returning to their home. These two destinations are; the famous city of Las Vegas, Nevada in the Unites States of America and the other destination is the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Las Vegas, Nevada, is a very fascinating city in the United States. Firstly it is located right in the middle of a desert. Yet the number of water parks and water displays in front of their many hotels might have one assume this is a beach side city. From space, it is the brightest city on earth! This is known as the gambling capital of the world. it is a bright and larger than life city where guests are sure to be dazzled by its opulence. It is a place where you will constantly be entertained by the many celebrities such as Celine Dion who regularly do live shows in this city. This place is place where one can enjoy a thoroughly good time and will definitely return home with a story to tell about their time in Las Vegas.

The second destination is in Africa. The Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. This part of Africa is a haven for wildlife including the famous big five (the African lion, African elephant, the leopard, the black/white rhino and the Cape buffalo). Guests are constantly surrounded by plenty of wildlife. The Victoria Falls occurs when the great Zambezi River plummets into a giant fissure. This is the largest sheet of falling water on earth. It was discovered by the great explorer, David Livingstone, who named it after his queen (Queen Victoria). Nothing could have prepared him as he was canoeing gently down the river to see this beautiful spectacle in Africa.

There are many activities one can engage in here including elephant back safaris on the back of these gentle giants. Guests literally explore the beauty of Africa on the backs of the “huge off road vehicles”.

In conclusion, Las Vegas and the Victoria Falls are two very different types of destinations. Both these destinations provide ways to relieve stress. However, for anyone who has never ridden on an African elephant and comfortably observed a pride of lions, Africa would certainly be the better option to enjoy a great holiday. Guests leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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