Engagement or communication in the healthcare industry is just limited to phone calls. But that's all an old story now. The new generation needs new technology, and that's where Two-way SMS services started to uncover themselves to power the communications instantly.

What is a Two way SMS?

A Two-Way SMS service integrates sending and receiving text messages by a web-based channel utilizing a suite of solutions or APIs. Companies in every sector engage with a consumer through two-a way SMS networks.

Why should the healthcare industry peek at Two way SMS?

Texts could support, educate and notify patients for excellent patient experiences. Mainly the texts from patients could provoke the staff for re-engaging with your patient as required.

Moreover, texting needs any behavior change through patients. They need a phone number and also the capacity to read a message. Text messaging even assists physicians in language barriers. If your patient is likely to get communications in a different language, the texts can be sent in that certain language. As 9 out of 10 adults got a mobile phone, messaging is beneficial for many patients.

Employees in the healthcare industry are tasked with calling the patients, but mobile calling isn't helping, nor can it help in the future too. Rather than calls, two-way texting can effectively eliminate outgoing phone calls and enhance touch frequency with the patients. Two-way texting should be the main part of the physician practice's transmission strategy.

How can the Healthcare industry use two-way SMS?

1. Improve top-line profit

By two-way texting for appointment-related texts, you can lessen cancellations. You can find the patients who have the appointment, and staff can find the patients who like to cancel. That's a good chance to fill slots with different patients. Texting is the best way to remind patients about more services for few practices that need annual visits.

2. To keep healthcare staff in the loop

Staff retention and Recruitment are a headache for the healthcare industry. The main shortages that seem over most assessments of failings are engagement and communication.

Have you ever thought or estimated how better could your employee perform if they get regular text messages? SMS is simple and quick than emails. They could include links to further details, and access to callbacks or line managers, with a wide array of services to benefit them.

3. For the emergency updates

With COVID, healthcare industries depended upon SMS
for reaching patients quickly. With constant changing circumstances and the need for health announcements, doctors need a communications tool. SMS has been the most used tool for emergency services. That made practices look at emergency communication platforms such as SMS with them. Automated text messages are already prepared for many likely cases like increased COVID or other related diseases.

4. To keep patients on track.

Similar to improving health awareness, or delivering patient reminders could help people be on top of the follow-ups or prescriptions. Patients can be forgetful and too busy. By using automated text message scheduling from the text services, you could experience and offer end-to-end SMS services to both your staff and patients from their mobile.

Either it's for alerting them about appointments or descriptions, or about booking or reschedule the
appointment and anything more can be easily sent to their text inbox within minutes.

Benefits of two way SMS in the healthcare industry

1. Reach your patients quickly

Text messages have an amazing open rate, where just 1% are marked as spam. If you are looking for a reliable and fast medium to get patients to send reminders or updates, SMS is the best channel. Before sending messages, ensure that your patient has opted-in. To get patients opt-in is send a follow-up text when they visited you.

2. High response rate

The SMS response rate stands at 45% more than related mediums like email, with a great open rate. The high CTR and response rate allow you to interact with patients efficiently and cab direct traffic to the site. This high engagement helps while rescheduling appointments.

3. Automated engagement

Patients are likely to ask questions regarding their schedules, hospital opening hours, availability, and more. With SMS, you can offer 24/7 customer support, and you don't need staff for the SMS-based service. Automate answers to consumers with automated SMS responses. So, patients could send questions without encountering problems as the forwarding calls. If your customer can't respond to the call, they can still text you back. Text-based customer support saves money and time.

4. Targeting messages

Not every patient has the same health-related issues. With a large number of departments, you should segment patients as per their needs. Two-way SMS services manage contact lists, and so you could get the trendy data while delivering information. Customized consumer experiences are great, and segmentation ensures that patients get texts relevant to the patients.

5. Schedules and communications

With a two-way healthcare SMS service, you could take communication further, making it simple to communicate easily with your patients or staff. Rather than communicating efficiently, two-way SMS is an efficient tool for managing schedules, notifying appointments, shift changes, staff allocation, and more.

6. Build trust

Two-way SMS is an effective tool to enhance retention and to get close connections. The customized engagement is possible via two-way SMS services for healthcare that makes your patient connected. Get feedback from patients via SMS. If they find any issue, then you can deliver a follow-up text to solve it.

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