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Traditionally a wedding cake is located in a place of honor at the couple’s wedding reception. Usually the wedding cake is prominently and strategically placed near the head table at the wedding reception. Wedding cakes are on display for the guests to see and admire until the bride and groom cut their cake. The use of a wedding cake topper or wedding cake toppings can be the finishing touch which crowns the couple’s wedding cake. There are a number of options when it comes to wedding cake toppings.

The traditional wedding cake topper is usually a pair of small figurines of a bride and groom shown either standing next to each other, holding hands, linking arms, dancing, or kissing. Some bride and groom figurines are shown under an arch or in a gazebo on top of the cake. While these traditional style wedding cake toppers are still available and popular, there are also many other options for unique wedding cake toppings.

There are a number of options a bride and groom have as to what type or style of wedding cake toppings they can select. There are humorous or fun wedding cake toppers depicting a bride reeling in the groom like a fish, or the groom with a “ball & chain” on his leg, or the bride (or groom) dragging their partner away by the ankle. These humorous wedding cake toppers may or may not fit the wedding reception concept of the bride and groom, but they are a fun option available for a wedding couple who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Wedding cake toppings can be totally customized giving a bride and groom the opportunity or option to incorporate important elements of their lives. A wedding cake topping or topper can be customized to depict a bride and groom playing football or baseball, or riding a motorcycle together, or the couple hiking up their wedding cake.

The couple having a military wedding may want to order a cake topper with the groom in military dress uniform next to the bride in her wedding gown. Some custom cake topper manufacturers can use a picture of the bride and groom to create 100% unique cake topper figurines that look just like the bride and groom, or make a fun characterized version of the bride and groom.

While many wedding cake toppers feature the traditional styling of a modern bride and groom, some couples prefer cake toppers with a distinct vintage or retro look. Others like more of an abstract wedding cake topper, where the figures aren’t two realistic figures but a porcelain statue evoking the image of a bride and groom. Some couples may choose wedding cake toppings with an artsy appearance and feel to them.

In a discussion about wedding cake toppings, we sometimes forget that wedding cake toppers don’t have to be figurines at all. In fact, non-figure wedding cake toppings have recently been rising in popularity because of their fresh and unique look atop a wedding cake.

Many wedding couples choose alternative wedding cake toppings such as a monogram on top of the wedding cake. The cake topping would be done by using the initials of the bride and groom either sitting upright on top of the cake or engraved into a glass plate. Interlocking hearts, doves, leaves, or swans are also popular choices for unusual wedding cake toppings. Some wedding cakes are also decorated with flowers in addition to the wedding cake topping or sometimes instead of a wedding cake topper.

If your wedding has a theme, you might want to consider embellishing or decorating your cake with something that embodies it. A beach themed wedding cake topper might feature flip flops, the bride and groom by a beach hut, or the bridal couple underneath palm trees. An Asian-themed cake topper could be an ornate fan in the wedding colors or the Chinese (Japanese or Korean) character or kanji for “love” etched on glass atop their wedding cake. Just for fun, a winter wedding bride and groom may have their wedding cake topper be two snowmen- one wearing a wedding veil and the other wearing a black top hat.

Wedding cake toppings and toppings can be as versatile as you want them to be. Not every couple utilizes the opportunity to customize their wedding cake with a cake topper, but couples who shop around will quickly see that there are wedding cake toppings available to fit any style of the bride and groom’s personalities, wedding reception theme, and wedding budget!

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