Banner ads are a significant player in online advertising today. Their sole purpose is to capture the attention of the target audience and convert this interest into sales. Banner ads are relatively cheap as compared to other forms of advertisements and they are a great way to create brand awareness.

Banner Ads can be subdivided into three types: Flash Banners, Animated GIF Banners, and Static Banners.

Flash Banner Ad: Flash banner ads are created by using animation and other special effects to create visually appealing images using Adobe Flash technology. These ads respond according to the user’s mouse movements compelling the user to view the ad. They are known for their interactive behavior, impeccable entertainment value, and attention-grabbing quality.

Animated GIF Banner: A GIF file is a series of single images played in a sequence. It is one of the cheaper versions of banner ads and is highly effective for small-scale business. GIF banner ads have the highest Click-Through Rate and a well-designed GIF ad will captivate its audience in only a fraction of seconds. One major advantage that a GIF banner ad has is that it does not rely on plugins to play the ad. It is also one of the most mobile-friendly ads. Just make sure your GIF ad is within the 256-color palette for an optimal image.

Static Banner: These ads are known as “to-the-point” ads since they only consist of a single still image or punch line that performs the subtle art of call-to-action. They are compatible with both websites and blogs. These ads are straightforward, easy to create, relatively cheap, safe, and low risk in nature. A company would ideally opt for this type of banner when they are trying to maintain a tone and add a complimentary ad to the website. The key to a successful static banner ad is placement and size on the site.

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