Huge farms owned by corporations require thousands of dollars worth of equipment. But when you’re an independent farmer or hobby farmer, you don’t need every piece of farming equipment on the market. When starting a new farm, you can likely function just fine with a few basic pieces of farming equipment - at least in the beginning.

Here’s some essential equipment you’ll likely need for your farm.

Pickup Truck

Every farm needs a reliable pickup truck for hauling and pulling loads. You’ll get plenty of use out of a pickup truck. So, it’s one of the most useful pieces of farm equipment you can own.

Transporting items like animal feed, building supplies, fencing equipment, and tools are a snap when you have a truck. And if you hitch on a trailer, you can haul produce, livestock, and many other heavy loads.

Fence Post Hole Digger

You’ll definitely need fencing around your farm. Fencing keeps your chickens and other livestock enclosed. Fencing also helps keep pests and other predators out of your crops or vegetables.

A post hole digger is easy to use and transport. Without a digger, it’ll take you hours of heavy labor to get your fencing in place. A post hole digger is also good for other projects around the property - such as for planting trees or to quickly repair an old fence that needs a new post.

Compact Utility Tractor

A tractor is one of the most common types of farming equipment on any farm. But you might not need a full-size tractor for the amount of acres that you have. A compact utility tractor is an alternative.

A compact utility tractor is like a traditional tractor - just smaller. And although a compact tractor is small, it still has the power to perform lots of heavy lifting. Depending on the type of tractor you have, it’s also possible to add implements - such as a mulch finisher or rear blade.

Lawn Tractor or Riding Lawn Mower

A lawn tractor or a riding lawn mower will help keep your turf looking good. A lawn tractor is slightly larger than a riding lawn mower. The one you choose comes down to the size of your farm and your farming needs.

Both pieces of equipment can get the same job done. And you can add additional equipment such as a rotary tiller, aerator,utility cart, or lawn roller. Some models also provide the option to add a shovel or blade.

Reliable farming equipment makes life on the farm much easier. If you can’t get everything you need at once, choose what you think is the most important. You can add new equipment as your finances improve.

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