Statistics have shown that about 70% of car accidents victims sustain various kinds of facial injuries. Most people bearing facial scars have greatly proven that facial injuries from car accidents are extremely common.
Auto accidents have led to many people suffering from various types of facial injuries. The following are some of these injuries.

Burn injuries

There are those people who have seriously been injured as a result of car fires and explosions. In such cases, skins are badly burned leading to the necessity of skin grafting. However, the accident victims sustain those injuries and are left with permanent facial scars.

Eye injuries

Once an accident happens, some debris or flying objects can seriously damage the eyes. Besides, if these injuries are critical, one may end up being blind.

Facial deformities

Flying objects in car crushes can seriously damage facial bones leading to permanent deformities. Some of these deformities include sunken cheekbones and cracked jawbones. Such deformities end up having major and lasting impacts on the physical appearance of the victims.

Facial fractures

Car accidents mostly result in broken facial bones. Fractures related to car crashes include broken jaws, broken cheekbones, and forehead injuries. Various symptoms related to facial fractures include swelling, eyesight problems, nosebleeds, and restricted jaw movement.

Soft tissue injuries

Soft tissue injuries are common in most motor vehicle accidents. These injuries are actually the most traumatic craniofacial and prevalent encountered by plastic surgeons and emergency department personnel. These mostly results when one receives a mighty facial blow by an object. Burns, lacerations and facial collision with objects also result in soft tissue injuries.

Intracranial hemorrhage(Contusions)

An intracranial hemorrhage is a bruise resulting from a direct blow crushing underlying tissues and muscles without breaking the skin. It mainly happens when one is slammed into an airbag, seatbelt, steering wheel or another passenger during a crash. Contusions that happen within the head or face possible result from getting involved in a motor vehicle wreck. Contusions mainly lead to brain damages, a life-threatening condition. It’s, therefore, crucial to seek medical treatment immediately an accident happens.


Most people confuse lacerations with minor cuts. However, lacerations may be deep and long enough to cause permanent facial scars. When one's face gets lacerated during a car crash, it’s not the same as a straight clean line cut by a physician. Lacerations can be more like a tear. Besides, efforts to repair those scars can be extremely painful and still result in extra-large facial scars. Cuts and other facial wounds need additional medical attention to prevent extended scarring.

Dental injuries

Most dental issues have often corresponded with facial injuries. Some of the dental injuries related to car accidents include lost and broken teeth. In the event of a car accident, victims will need to see their oral surgeons or dentists get dental implants, dentures, bridges or veneers. However, it’s quite unfortunate that dental injuries are not covered in most people’s health insurance. If one gets injured without dental insurance, he faces a mountain of bills before his third party insurance claim is approved. Even with dental insurance, insurers may argue that the damage needs cosmetic procedures thus fail to cover them. In the absence of money for dental care, one may have to live without the needed treatment.

Contact an auto accident attorney for compensation

Most facial injuries from car accidents need immediate medical attention followed by continuous medical care. One may need multiple cosmetic surgeries in an attempt to regain his previous appearance. The victim will, therefore, need an attorney who will fight for him to ensure that the financial consequences of the collision are covered. If you’ve suffered a facial injury in a car accident, use an auto accident attorney to claim compensation.

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