When you start playing golf, you'll quickly notice that the game has its own jargon. This can make it very difficult for a new golfer to understand what everyone is talking about. However, one thing you should know is the different golf shots. If you're curious, we've picked out the biggest ones to know below.

1. Drive

The drive is a long-distance shot that you typically take from the tee. You can take it from the fairway if it's necessary. The purpose of the drive is to get the bar as far as possible towards the green, and the length of the average shot can vary between 200 and 300 meters.

2. Putt

The putt is a short distance shot that you usually perform on the green when you try to get the ball in the hole. You have to consider the line to the hole while taking the slope into consideration. It's important that you strike the ball with the correct amount of power, so it doesn't overshoot or fall short of the hole.

3. Layup

This shot leaves the ball in a more favorable position. It makes it easier to take the shot or makes it safer. It's popular around water hazards. A player might make a layup shot on the fairway near the hazard to avoid getting a penalty if they landed in the water. They'd take a second shot from there to get the ball on the green.

4. Approach

This will be the second shot you take after the drive. It also refers to any shot that you take to deliver the ball to the green. You'll typically use the appropriate iron to match the distance from the ball to the green.

5. Chip

This is an extremely short shot that you'll take without using the power of a full swing behind it. If you have any short approach shots, you'll typically use a chip. If you need to get the ball out of a hazard and back on playing turf or if you need a short distance layup, you'll use this chip shot.

6. Flop

A flop shot will help you get your ball over and clear of objects. When you use this shot, you'll send the ball on a very high trajectory compared to how far it travels forward. If you want the ball to stop very quickly when it hits the ground, a flop shot is one way to accomplish this.

7. Punch

Golfers who want to keep the ball very close to the ground to avoid hitting low hanging hazards or tree canopies use a punch shot. If you hit the ball into strong winds or you want the ball to stop climbing, you'd use this shot.

8. Draw or Fade

A draw is when a right-handed player makes the ball travel from right to left, or a left-handed player makes the ball travel from left to right. A fade is when a right-handed player makes the ball travel from left to right, and a left-handed player makes the ball travel from right to left. Too much draw is a hook, and too much fade is a slice.

Bottom Line

Once you understand the different golf shots, it's easy to get into the spirit of the game. It may take a little while to memorize them all, but it'll come quickly as you start to play.

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