There are so many good reasons to renovate your kitchen. Planning is crucial to achieving the objective of a kitchen renovation. When planning, homeowners need a clear vision of the type of renovation they are getting into.

Broadly, we can discuss 3 types:

i. Cosmetic
ii. Remove and reinstall
iii. Custom

Cosmetic kitchen renovation

This is the most common type of renovation. It involves replacing basic kitchen items that can be removed easily. For example, you can decide to install new grey stained kitchen cabinets to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. Other kitchen elements that you might replace include appliances, countertops, wall colors, etc.

Most homeowners do cosmetic kitchen renovation when they want to sell their homes. Such a move can increase the value of their homes on the market. Another reason that could lead to a cosmetic renovation is when homeowners move to a new house but they do not like the pain or set of cabinets in the kitchen.

How long does it take?

This is a tough question because many other factors must be considered before an actual timeline is given. It all depends on the scope of the renovation. If you just want to install new grey stained kitchen cabinets, you will only need a couple of hours. However, if the cosmetic renovation involves interference with the structural formation of the kitchen, you might need days or weeks.

Remove and Re-install

This type of renovation doesn’t interfere with the structure of the kitchen. It simply involves removing items that you do not want and re-installing new ones that you want. For example, you may want to remove your old set of cabinets and install new grey-stained kitchen cabinets in the same place.

How long does it take?

Typically, it takes weeks to remove everything and replace them. However, if your target is just a few areas, it can be a bit faster. You’ll need to talk to your interior designer about the timelines.

Custom renovation

This is the kind of kitchen renovation that doesn’t have a limit. It is meant to help you achieve your renovation dreams. With it, you can install your grey stained kitchen cabinets or even tear down the walls in adjacent rooms to add more floor space.

It is a complete renovation that targets to reshape the kitchen to meet your personal aesthetic and functional needs.

How long does it take?

The scope of the renovation will dictate how long it takes. It can take weeks to months before completion.

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